Paranormal In Review

There are times when truth really does prevail. It doesn't happen nearly as often as it should, but it does happen.
“Never be afraid to raise your voice for honesty and truth and compassion against injustice and lying and greed. If people all over the world...would do this, it would change the earth.”
― William Faulkner

Paranormal In Review

We began Paranormal In Review 1 when a team made a point of saying that we were making too big a deal out of calling out fraud in the community. They said 'it's only entertainment, don't take it so seriously . We got a really good laugh out of that considering that a majority of the teams we see are claiming 'scientific method' and whine about 'not being taken seriously because TV only shows the entertainment'. It was the biggest case of flip-flopping to attempt their lack of argument that we had seen yet.So..we took a page out of that 'entertainment' reference and began a review of the teams. Not 'peer review' mind you, but rather the same type of reviews that entertainment gets. No holds barred. Not to personally bash...Gene Siskell never yapped about an actor's personal life, he would just give a review of their performance. And that is what most teams are putting on...a performance.

We review teams that are particularly laughable as well as teams that are practicing any kind of fraud or illegal activity (such as trespassing). We review psychics--oh boy, do we review psychics. We will offer links to other research that has also exposed or called out fraud. If lies can be proven, we will do so as well as anything that would be a concern for people letting teams in their homes. We also review pictures that we believe to have been faked along with our opinion as to why we believe that. If a fake picture can be proven, it will be shown. If a questionable picture can be recreated,that will also be shown.

Our goal is not to bash anyone personally nor is it to cause them harm. It is simply saying that IF a claim is made, the burden of proof is on the one making that claim. And we will question everything.

Angela & Tkay

Our New Message

There was a time when our advice was simply to encourage people to research a team before letting them investigate a private home. In the last year, we have seen more and more teams that seem to be living in a land of delusion. We also see teams that we have felt good about that simply sit back and continue to network with people that make outrageous claims without backing them up and in some cases outright lie and break the law.

We've asked ourselves often--who is really listening and at this point, who actually gives a damn?

After dealing with some of the absolute nutjobs (YES I SAID NUTJOBS) that are wanting to go into homes and help people deal with what they perceive as paranormal, as well as the ignoring of it that is being done by a majority of the community, we have reached a new conclusion. Never will we recommend a person to call any paranormal team period. We will offer them advice on how to rule out paranormal for themselves and we will always advocate getting some kind of actual counseling that could help them. But this 'services' bullshit has got to stop. Too many are trying to validate their own beliefs or get their own fame train rolling for us to even promote the idea period.

We are not against all teams. There are some we have had an opportunity to speak with and hold discussions as well as ones we have known for some time that we still see trying to find real answers. Unfortunately,those are becoming more and more rare. To be safe, it is better to just state that we do not support the idea of private residential investigations at all.

For those handful of teams that are trying to do things right and whose intentions are to help people understand the explainable occurrences that may seem paranormal--we hope that you can understand why we came to this conclusion. We will continue to support the relevant articles and work that you are doing. But never again will we promote the concept of calling a paranormal team for help.

For those who believe they are experiencing paranormal and are looking to call these teams--if you are wanting your home to be haunted,then there are no end to the teams that will come in and validate it for you.However, you should really check their Facebook and online forum discussions first. You may find that the team you are looking to call in is filled with drama, backbiting, lying, and stalking others to create more trouble.

We will always call out the actions of those that are out and out lying, trespassing, or making outrageous claims involving"services" in the paranormal. We will always promote education and learning about what the real meanings are behind some of the buzzwords used on the scene. But never again can we feel good about the concept of teams going into residential homes. Research can still be done without involving people who might actually be afraid of what they think is going on. Even when what is being offered is for free, we are seeing far too many times when unproven claims are being touted as facts and "evidence".

And hey, here's a thought--in many research studies and experiments, the participants are paid for their time and trouble. How many teams would be willing to go that extra mile and pay people to investigate their homes?


An Open Letter to Investigation Teams and Potential Clients

This site is about education, and with that in mind, we are writing this open letter to all who investigate as well as those who would need the services of a paranormal team.

Without question, there are some really bogus groups out there. We're used to the accusations of attacks because an anomaly is pointed out for what it is. What is becoming even more of a concern is groups who believe their own bullshit so much that they will convince others that they are fighting evil entities. This is when it stops being about "differing practices or methods" and becomes about scaring the shit out of people.This is wrong and this is what we speak out against.

Recently, Beyond Bullshit Inc. and The Paranormal Regulators called out a team that was presenting fraudulent pictures. We say"fraudulent" because there were several obvious pictures of smoke coming from around her. When called out, the person in question acknowledged the smoke, however there was a comment under the picture on their own page that said it was the "spirit releasing". Contradiction much?

Teams like this is why pages like this exist. As long as there are teams presenting this stuff and saying that there are ghosts, or even worse, demons present, it is pushing the paranormal field further back. Not only that, it is doing the client a disservice. This individual represents themselves as an investigation group which indicates they go into unsuspecting clients homes.

Clients--it is time to become suspicious. Never fear the dead more than the living. You need to know who you are letting into your home to investigate. One way to do this is to ask about background checks. More importantly, check to see if the team has a website and a facebook page and take a long look at what they present as evidence of paranormal. If they present tons of pictures that can easily be explained as smoke, mist, wrong camera settings, orbs, glowing insects, (yes they glow and they glow hard) or tons of catches that seem "too good to be true", then they are likely not ones you want to allow in your home.



We have decided to post our disclaimer on our main page to avoid being accused of “stealing” pictures.While this site was created to rate several categories in the paranormal community, the purpose of this site is also to be educational. When posting pictures we will always give the photographers their well deserved credit. Our opinions are never based on any personal opinions towards anyone. We show others pictures for educational tools and to give our opinions. We have grown very weary of the deception in the paranormal community and would like to help the general public hoping they do not get taken in by some of the charlatans out there. At times there are those who have made honest mistakes in their claims but it seems many do not want to learn how to use their cameras or they do not want to learn about camera anomalies. . We are not claiming any pictures are ours, nor are we using them for commercial purposes.

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We do not attack anyone’s personal life. We do not care about who someone is married to, where they work, or how much money a person has that is none of our business.


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