Paranormal In Review

Alamo City Paranormal

I am still confused how anyone who claim they are, “a professional-paranormal research company that specializes in THETA RESEARCH. Theta Research is the parapsychology term for ghost investigating.” and then put this sort of, well to put it bluntly bullshit out. I have enlarged the picture to 3726 x 2683 and see nothing to cause a “face” in the picture. Now my term for matrixing is different from others. For me matrixing is when someone enlarges a picture till it creates patterns that becomes images our brain recognize at images that are familiar to us, such as face, animals etc.  Pareidolia is when objects like tree limbs; leaves etc seem to create an image without enlarging the photo. I see neither in this picture I have enlarged.

Their "original"

Cropped picture after being enlarged to 3726 x 2683




Do you see a face? Of course not….. But you decide for yourself, take the original and you enlarge it.