Paranormal In Review

Angelic Butterfly?

This pictures title is just so wrong and it was taken at a client’s home. This is not an Angelic Butterfly as it is called in this picture. This team is in no way affiliated with (RCPS) River Cities Paranormal Society but it is a team who used the RCPS acronym long after River Cities Paranormal was established.

This is a case of the photographer not understanding photography.

The chart below was done by Midnight Walkers Paranormal Research Society to prove what your normal everyday bugs look like in the flash of the camera. This chart comes in handy when trying to explain to people what they have in their picture, but many times they do not believe or they refuse to understand. They would rather give their clients false information.

The next picture is one I took of a little spider. It is nothing angelic nor is it a fairy as many people call these images in pictures.