Paranormal In Review

Ball of Energy

This picture was taken by Alicia Alvaro and posted by CasprFounder Wanda. I came upon the picture and questioned it because it was stated that only the color was changed and just by changing the color it showed sparkles which they called “energy”. I have used paint program for a few years not and I know that just by changing the color there would be no way it would produce this effect. I asked what program they used, saved the original they posted. I also had that paint program so I took the picture and changed the color to sepia as they said they did. The result, well it did change the color but did not create the sparkles. I noticed the program had noise reduction and sharpen, so I decided to use those filters on the picture that had not been changed prior and yep I got sparkles. They still say only sepia was used when creating the sparkles but they are wrong.Using sepia will not let you see energy in anything. I am not sure why anyone changes a picture to try to prove there is paranormal activity.

I am in no way saying this was done as a fraudulent act but I just want to point out to others they should not play around with the filters.. You should not have to change the picture and when you do you create false anomalies

My example of what changing the Sharpen and Noise reduction did to my picture of my hair.