Paranormal In Review

Being Exposed

For the love of God NO!!!!

We find it amazing that someone goes into a group post things about us and as soon as I commented they blocked us. Then someone with a very new account to facebook (Mari) comes in and makes a comment. We have left the page because there is no need for us to stay if we are being blocked by someone.

We are posting what they say because we know it is bullshit,right Merita? You would think people close to 50 years of age would grow up.Right Holley……

Beyond Bullshit and our sites show what we are about and that is finding the truth, right Shoopman. Well enough said here are the caps.

Aloud? No it is allowed..

Kisses and Hugs Mari or whatever your name is for the day...

Let’s make this clear… really we are not playing your games… You sound like a crazy old bat… Mauh!