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We care about the truth and try to educate those who present poor evidence as paranormal. We have been labeled as paranormal bullies even though we try and educate and explain why your picture has light traces,insects, long exposures. If caring about YOUR clients is wrong then yes we are paranormal bullies. We often post on pages that say comments welcome, but when we do we are blocked and called a bully. Are we experts? No but we do study,take photography classes, and understand basic camera settings. We ask you to at least look what we present before you make judgment. You may even learn a thing or two. We are open to discuss anything you disagree with.

This group is not about members promoting themselves. If there is a relevant article that you wish to share, that is fine, but any promotions of projects should be done on your own pages or groups that encourage it. Also be advised that any links posted will be subject to opinions and discussion.

Once again, this group is coming under fire from others for the way we 'do things'.

Let me make something perfectly clear. We have 81 members here. Most of whom we never see or hear from. The ones that do post are a varied group of individuals with their own personalities and their own way of doing things. And that is perfectly fine with us. Often, a remark or a post that may seem to be 'attacking' or 'rude' can push a conversation to where actual discussion happens. It may not be everyone's style but that is kind of the point..each one of us is unique and individual in their approach.

We may step in if direct name calling goes over the top..something like that leads to nothing but BS. But otherwise, people in this group are free to express themselves however they want and while it may incite a few mild is completely acceptable here.

We are not about 'unity'.

We welcome drama.

We encourage sarcasm.

We encourage questions and discussion.

We don't care about your page or projects so don't promote them here.

We are blunt.

We will call out bullshit when necessary.

We don't care who joins us or who leaves.

We won't delete anything and would appreciate that others not either. Stand by what you say or don't say it.

We won't change.

Any questions?


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