Paranormal In Review

Children and the Paranormal

As we look through the many paranormal teams that are allover Facebook, there are no shortage of statuses such as 'Investigation tonight, possible demonic case...pray for us!!" or "Tonight was intense as we battled negative entities! We helped a family so it was all worth it!"

When are people going to stop with the BS of thinking they are some kind of saviors? I see teams with exorcists on call that have no Real qualifications to make that claim. One team that we are looking into now has an entire photo album devoted to a private residence where children were involved.The pictures included the usual scratches on the investigators (after the fact with nothing else to back it up as usual) and many many references to the fear the children had been experiencing prior to the investigation.

The team has an exorcist on hand, so we are looking further into this to see if claims of 'demon' are being made. Certainly if nothing else, they were building up the drama on their page and including references to the children in that drama. I will say that no names of clients were mentioned,however there is an image of the children in the reflection of a television set. In that picture, there is a claim that the children see 'something' running through the room. The many references to the kids being present during the investigation, in our opinion, showed that they were amping it all up. Why?If you are helping people, why do you have to showcase it on Facebook? What purpose does that serve?

When it comes to experiences that are perceived as paranormal, there are so many factors to rule out first, especially where children are involved. A team might mean well, but if they are feeding into fears by validating anything then they are doing this family a disservice.Children need family, support, and in some cases counseling when they are experiencing what they believe is paranormal. In our opinion, teams need to step away from jobs they we believe they are flat unqualified to do.


These are the picture that infuriated Angela and inspired to write the rant above.

The kids in the living room while they investigate, really..Wonder what nightmares these kids have seeing people running around calling fingers in the flash shadows..


The object  they “they are pointing to someone they said was moving through the room when this picture was caught”.. really..  Their picture looks very much like a picture I created by spinning a piece of material and catching the very end of it. You decided if they look similar.