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Clergy Demons and BS

I don’t know where to start, people who say they are clergy in the paranormal community just blows me away. I am not going to call out each individual but some have been called out for their bullshit, even having created evidence. Shamans, well it sure cracks me up that people I have seen around for years now claim they are now a Shaman. It is the mystical title that the pretenders love to use and really who are these people... Well they are people who want the notoriety and of course the money, a shaman can give honest reading… yeah ok I believe that one.

Now as to the clergy, oh my... I have gone on-line and did their very short application for a certificate and yes I am also part of the clergy, but wait I did not pay the fee for a worthless piece of paper that really made me look like a fraud like the rest of the idiots. What a MF joke, and people fall for the bullshit. Then you have clergy who want to be the saviors of the paranormal community against demons… OH WAIT no one has proved there are demons.. OH WAIT no the Warrens did not prove anything except for the business of bullshit.

Ryan Buell has commented on the Indiana fiasco:

I just love and agree with Larry’s and Angela’s comment.

With Ryan and the Stooges which I call Zak’s team claiming there are demons everywhere and them bringing in “clergy” we can thank them for the newly invented pretenders of bullshit… Do these people fall under the umbrella of Fantasy Prone individuals? I have a feeling they do. What experience do any of these people have to give out advice; I mean really some of these people who now call themselves clergy are very questionable to their own sanity in our opinion.

Our opinion is for those looking for help should check with clergy you know and trust rather than a group on the internet.