Paranormal In Review

Cloaked Figure

The cloaked figure page started a rampage for sure. All I did was to say the picture looked like someone wearing a sheet or possible pareidolia.

While using pictures of camera anomalies I was accused of stealing picture which I thought was hilarious when the name of the owner on still on the pictures. Also why would I steal pictures in which I was saying was not real but camera anomalies, full credit was going to the photographer. Now I was judging these photos and giving my opinion of them, I was not saying they were mine, or selling them. They were not used commercially for anything but educational tools. I believe I can create better “ghost” pictures then to steal camera anomalies.

The funny thing is, is that the biggest complainer was the girlfriend of one of the bikers..but I will not bother with her.

Amazing what people will do when they disagree with an opinion.

Yes people watermark your blurry pictures..

And it continued. Let me make something clear. Paranormal Bullies did not have anything to do with the posting of the picture. Also Paranormal Bullies is about education also and yes I am a part of it.

And it continued, over pictures that had the owners name on them…  Slander?


The picture below is one reason I need not steal anyone’s camera anomaly. I can create fake ghost pictures all day long if I want to be a fraud. The picture was created by me using images from the Civil War period.The background is a picture I took at a Sugar Mill ruin. I also can create many camera anomalies. So their accusations really are funny.