Paranormal In Review

DaFUQ Did They Say???

Out of the many things I have read that people have had to say about me since I started speaking up about the bullshit in the paranormal community--this one takes the cake. Not only do they claim that I am the administrator of a page that I have no actual affiliation for (other than as a commenter), but they accuse me of being 'illiterate' and 'ethically reprehensible'. First off..I don't think 'illiterate' means what they think it means. Secondly, I find it hilarious that someone who supports a psychic that lies about working with police departments that don't exist is calling me out on my ethics.And lastly, while I do find it tragic that Mr. Halstead passed away at such a young age, it does not nor will it ever change my opinion of his pictures. However, as much as I would like to take credit for creating the Worst Paranormal website, I did not have anything to do with it. The fact that someone called me out for a page I don't run about ethics that they themselves do not have is actually very laughable.