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Demons Among Us..or Just BS?

The fascination with demons is fed daily by the media. Whether it is a (highly) questionable case making news headlines, a book and movie deal born of those headlines, or simply giving the whole concept any air time what so ever--and with the advent of the internet and social networking--demons are more popular now than ever.

Considering that modern science and medicine has dispelled many myths about what people considered 'demonic interference', it is surprising that in this day and age there are so many willing to either blame or create a demon.All of this could be simply chalked up to having the right to believe what you want, however in the paranormal scene, we see those who are offering 'services' regarding the demonic. And that is where, in our opinion, they cross the line from the right to believe into territory that we will speak out against--going into others homes and claiming to either 'bind' or drive out these entities that have never once been proven to exist.

We decided to post the entire comment they made so you could better understand her comment she made on their picture.

Both comments were swiftly deleted.

Oh where indeed to begin with this team. First off, they make it seem as though they have the entire handle on what causes alleged paranormal activity (which itself has never been proven). They claim that it is all based in the demonic because of Biblical passages. At this point, I know there are those who would say to simply let people believe what they want--that we should 'respect others rights to religion and free speech'.

Respect is a word that is shouted loudly by those who will not give it to others, so we really do not feel obligated to respond when people claim we are attacking their beliefs. The issue is not about believing--the issue is about posting these opinions as if they are undisputed fact. The issue is that there are paranormal teams out there who want to help people with their 'demonic problems' when none seem to have a clue about the actual process that the Church has for such claims.

We personally do not agree with either approach, church based or otherwise, as we see people creating their own demons to avoid taking responsibility for their actions. In addition, we also refer to the mental and neurological disorders that can cause symptoms that once were believed to be demonic in nature. However, we do acknowledge that the Church's public stance on exorcisms is alleged to be carried out cautiously and after intense investigation. The paranormal teams and 'clergy' that works with these teams--not so much.

Where are their qualifications to step in ANY case where people are claiming that there is a demon plaguing them? All we see here are people who are wanting to jump on this RIDICULOUS bandwagon for as long as they can ride.

In conclusion, our message to the media is this:Stop giving these 'based on true' stories all of this hype and attention. It is through the sensationalism portrayed by local news stations and sometimes even big name networks that causes everyone and their dog to think they have a demon or a 'dark force' trying to wreck havoc. At the very least--it makes people desire the notoriety and attention these stories seem to bring. Forget about giving the people 'what they want' and start focusing on actual news with facts instead of these bogus hauntings. If anything, start showcasing the many reasons people might believe they are experiencing paranormal. Do relevant pieces on mass hysteria--oh wait, that might mean you would have to acknowledge your own contribution to the hype.

Our message to the teams that feed the demon fever: We will always be paying attention to these things and will question your outrageous claims. Know this...NO TEAM EVER will be recommended by us to assist in any case where people would believe there are demons. We will ALWAYS encourage people to question the ridiculousness of saying that someone has the power to rid people of things that have never been proven. And we will ALWAYS call bullshit on anyone jumping on this bandwagon. It's time for people to grow up, take responsibility, and stop trying to be the next 'based on a true story'.


Note the word PUBLIC

Are they serious? This mark is a classic sign of ring worm and if the entire family has it they needed medical attention not some so called exorcist... This is totally ridiculous.

Example from the internet

This banner they use really pisses me off. My son’s father was/is a Marine and I have friends that are Marines. For these people to uses those words make me sick.They cannot be compared to the real warriors, the Marines they are the few and the proud.