Paranormal In Review

Doctors vs Clergy

As we looked through many videos today we got onto the exorcist bullpucky. It truly is amazing, (we always find bullpucky amazing) how horror sells and oddly enough we did not find any true evidence in videos of a demon. Don’t you find that odd? We hear much talk about the how and why of demon possession, but where is the proof? You don't see it because there IS NONE . That is one reason we are sick to death of the bullpucky in the paranormal community.

We went through a few videos concerning Anneliese Michel, do we believe she was possessed no; we do however think she contracted a fatal disease.We started thinking about mad cow disease which led us to disease known as Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease. Which then we started wondering what other type of diseases affect the brain.

To confirm presence of any type of brain disease a brain biopsy or autopsy is needed which we highly doubt that was ever done on Anneliese.

We would encourage people who think they are capable to performing an exorcism, well let's just say they had best think twice before trying something they have no right in doing. Can any of these posers diagnose anyone to determine whether people need medical attention, or wait a minute… in these videos we see and the stories we hear are they truly real, could it be fraudulent information? No we do not have frauds in the paranormal community,do we…

Here are some links that will provide diseases that can come into play. What we see is these diseases usually have that same symptoms seizures,tremors, personality changes, memory loss, and hallucinations.

Common reasons for hallucinations; being drunk or high, or coming down from drugs, extreme stress and sleep deprivation.