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Don’t Stand On My Grave

Don’t stand on my grave, I wonder if there was a spirit if it would not have whispered that to her.

Capture shows it was an open group.

There are more “grave” pictures on her site…

I had posted this on Beyond Bullshit and of course the picture was either taken down or since posting this the group was closed. So we are going to post our opinions here on our site. I wish someone would have asked her, why did she do this. She is welcome to come into Beyond Bullshit and let us know.

From Beyond Bullshit;

Yesterday I posted this on my home page and have decided to post it here to get opinions of others. There is no specific laws I can find against someone standing in an open grave, although I find it so very disrespectful, tasteless, sad and disgusting.

While I noticed the names of people who are on this person’s friends list I wonder how many of you had asked this person why was she in someone’s grave? Pictures on her site show the emf detectors in their hands so I don’t think they were cleaning the place up, right? Why does the sand look like it was just recently opened up? Even if this is a case of vandals opening the grave prior why in the hell would you get in, for attention shots? I am so disgusted with this shit, it is not funny. “Look my face”, really and people will fall for that bullshit.

Oh forgive me I think she is connected to the entertainment part of the community of hobbyist, so fuck it must be ok with everyone. The entertainment part of the community sure makes everyone look like morons,seriously. Whoever is her friend please ask her why she would do such a thing.I think many of us would like to know. I any case it is bullshit…..

Did I say I think it was bullshit....

Hooray for Parawood where being known is more important than morals..


We see teams all over Facebook posting about whatever the latest 'outrage of the day' happens to be and it is really rather hilarious. From 'this is what gives us all a bad name' when people are caught faking to 'serious researchers would never do this' when a team is shown to be trespassing--we've read it all, only to see most forget about it later. However, this particular one where someone is standing in an open grave claiming to 'give peace' to the ground or whatever hooey it was being called has me really baffled at the ones who claim to seek the truth.

Not one person had said anything about how disrespectful it seems to use standing in an open grave as a photo opportunity before this was brought to our attention. No one commenting seemed to have any issue with it,and that bothers me on every level. All they kept talking about was the stupid long-exposure, reflection-filled picture because she looked 'different'. Therefore something paranormal must have caused it. REALLY????

On the claims of getting a spirit to have 'peace' or 'cross over' or whatever...none of this has been proven to exist and yet it's okay to go to a graveyard at night and claim to help them? And then take pictures standing in someone's open grave to post on social media? For what? Some sort of self-imagined altruism? That argument got shot to hell the minute the pictures were posted for ALL to see.

This scene just gets to be more and more of a train wreck every day. It's time to stop taking this hobby to the extreme of providing 'services' and pushing sensational claims and images. Otherwise, stop claiming to seek the truth. The only thing we see most teams seeking is attention.


The pictures were sent to the Chicora Foundation so I could understand the law a little better and they are located in the same state this person.

This is some of what they said;

"I would hope that the vandalism was reported to local law enforcement. That is likely to do more to bring the spirit peace than any paranormal nonsense."

“If you have additional information concerning the location of the grave, I urge you to report it to law enforcement, even anonymously.”


No I do not report things anonymously, and I did report it.I have asked for an opinion on people getting in the graves like it was shown in this picture. I have not heard back from them and when they see it has something to do with the paranormal hell they might not reply. Let us say someone knows …..and leave it at that… for now…