Paranormal In Review

Douglas High School

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

On this call out we have decided to not give the name out of the teams. We find giving the names of people only gives them more likes or as they call it “fans”. Apparently there are many people who feel they have a right to trespass and I guess these types of people like to stick together. Maybe they share their entry techniques on property they have no right to be in. However we do give the names of the teams to the local authorities in which the trespass occurred and also provide the screen caps or links to the teams.

We came across a team on facebook that showed some pictures of a building that was boarded up and we also viewed other pictures they had of the inside the building. After doing a Google image search we found that the building was the old Douglas High School in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. We found it interesting to see in some their pictures there were boards on windows and doors but one board had been pulled away where someone could enter. Now we do not know who pulled that board away but I also do not see a “Enter Here” sign welcoming trespassers. We ended up finding two other teams that have also entered this school and for us it seemed they were all linked together. We also found out no one was taking the responsibility of who got permission, it seemed like it was the other team who initiated the trespass, so we gave up on who did what.

It truly is sad when a building like Douglas High School that has stood empty for so many years has really been destroyed by vandals and the weather. Like many old buildings that are empty they are not abandoned as others think they are. Someone does own them whether it is a person, business or city and that means you should not trespass. And if they are boarded up, you do not rip away the boards to gain entry.

On one of their pictures I had posted an example of the same sort of camera anomaly they had in their picture and it was deleted. Why teams do delete logical answers? They seem to want to use that camera anomaly as some sort of proof?

This is not the first time we have asked teams about getting permission to go to certain buildings, and it never ceases to amaze us that the same excuses are used over and over again. One of the things we notice the most is that if a team is called out--they will immediately say that they worked with another team and they were the ones who spoke to someone about getting permission. Of course the 'other team' is never mentioned by name. They never include the other team in their pictures.In the case of one of the teams here, they claim that they not only received permission from the police department, but that police were present at the investigation. In my opinion, they say these things so that people will leave them alone and not ask anymore about it. I am also noticing that they want to keep communications private as to avoid being questioned by others. These buildings that seem to draw paranormal investigators are very often closed to the public for a good reason--and this includes for self-proclaimed 'ghost hunters'. They are not special and they are not above the law.


Team 2

Facebook Message

Team 3

In one of the comments to Angela they said, “If you want to know the police’s stance…well then call them and ask”. Well that is what we did, plus a few emails.

Yep he called me Mr.... LOL

There was more communication with the Captain and in the last one this is what he said and suggested:

“We have had people injured and killed in the past while trespassing at abandoned properties. In some events more serious charges can apply. The school in question is located in the Springlake Patrol Division. Please direct and further inquiries to the Springlake Patrol Division supervisors”

He provided the phone number and a call was placed where I requested a email address so I could explain the situation. Here is the answer we received from sending that email.

"We have had people injured and killed in the past while trespassing at abandoned properties"

This statement is why we call out those who trespass. There are many kids out there who are impressed with teams who trespass; they do not understand the dangers.