Paranormal In Review

Fog and Mist

By all means we do not think Tom and the rest of the people who were part of the Missouri bunch are or were stupid in any way. We think they all knew and still know how to play people in believing they have the perfect evidence which is our opinion. Creating camera anomalies are very easy and using photo/paint program’s makes it a breeze.

Anyone who is a “professional” photographer as Tom was, you would think he would know what breath or fog looks like under the flash of the camera. We have the opinion he did know as the others did. You would think when people work with “professional” cameramen they also know what camera anomalies are and what creates them.

We always find it amusing that in the colder months of theyear especially people can’t figure out your breath is going to show. Or do they?


As you can see this is from a video, you think he knows what breath looks like?

The Fog

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