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When you block people for offering education and opinions based on that simply confirm our theory that you are NOT seeking the truth but rather looking to deceive to get attention. You may continue to have your blind believers as supporters, but there are many out there who really want answers to what is going on in their homes. They are not going to appreciate a team that practices deception and trust me..with our big mouths,they will hear about it.

Below you will see in this post that the comment, “Thanks for your opinion, you must have lots of experience for photography” is no longer below Larry’s comment because his was deleted.

We never understand why people delete helpful comments. As you will see no one was mean or nasty when leaving a helpful comment. The photo program link, unfortunately I made the mistake of not getting a screen cap of that link being left, but it was“PhotoMe” that was posted.

Even Angela's comment has been deleted. Here is a link to their picture it will show her comment is not there.

Angela's break down of their about:

"Professional courtesy...this of course is defined by deleting comments and blocking those who might have information that would cause a picture anomaly to be questioned.

Scientific outlook...To say this would indicate that they follow a set methodology and steps to validate what they are showing as evidence of the paranormal. I will let their pictures be the voice that speaks against them doing that.

Knowledge and equipment...if they had the knowledge they would see that the equipment does nothing to provide proof of paranormal. It is all either equipment that was designed for other uses, experimental and unproven, or for entertainment purposes.

Take pride in explaining to clients what may or may not be happening...again, they need to learn what causes anomalies in photos before they can claim to be able to explain anything to anyone. Therefore, treating them with 'respect, compassion, and dignity' does nothing without the truth and factual information not based in belief.

I do agree that no one should live in fear of paranormal.Not only because a majority of it is explainable upon further investigation,but also because that fear is what makes people vulnerable to information that is unverified as true."