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Fraudulent Pictures

The ghost of Bernadette Soubirous", 1890



The practice of creating fraudulent pictures is not new as seen in these pictures. So why on earth should it stop now when the tools are readily available and enough people who are gullible enough to believe they are real.

It amazes me people do not comprehend they will be exposed in the end for the frauds they are. Is it the attention people seek that they will risk looking like fools? I find it amazing there are those who will continue to produce what we call crap and have no conscious at passing it off as real.

There are several ways these fakes create so called “anomalies”. Smudging the lens is one way or taking picture through a piece of glass that has a smudge.  This creates a blurred image that I have seen people try to pass off as an apparition. One shot no apparition next shot smudging, surprise the claim of an apparition is put out there.

The claim of mist when in fact you can tell it is smoke is just so ridiculous, again people look like fools when those claims are made.Breath pictures oh good grief people get a life, and use your common sense.Here is some added information from Its NOT Haunted.

Breath visible in photos?

Under most circumstances you'll see your breath at temperatures around and below about 45F. But it CAN OCCUR AT Warmer temperatures, and there are some complicating factors.

You can see your breath because of the moisture added to the air by your lungs, throat, and mouth. When that moisture is cooled in the air after you exhale, it sometimes condenses into a type of fog (tiny water cloud droplets). A flash will help show these water droplets.

Assuming that air would leave a person's mouth at about 90Fand at about 90% relative humidity. Then I assumed that it would mix equally with colder air outside the body. Now let’s use different combinations of air temperature and humidity, and deduced that at an air temperature of 50F, you would see your breath if air relative humidity was above about 50%. At lower humidity’s,the wanna-be fog-breath drops would evaporate. At an air temperature of 60F,you would probably only see your breath if the air relative humidity was above about 80%. At an air temperature of 70F or higher, you probably won't see your breath unless there is already a dense fog present in the atmosphere or your flash illuminates it. So the next time you get ready to post that paranormal shape and say it wasn't cold enough to see your breath, look deeper.


There are many people that understand this and they pass their breath pictures off as paranormal. Shame on them..

Its NOT Haunted can be found on facebook.

Of course we have pictures that have been created using photo programs which there is an assortment of “brushes” that are created to copy orbs, mist, lens flare, silhouettes which have been used in pictures to simulate shadows or what people think a shadow should look like in a picture, there are even ghost brushes.

Also we are now dealing with cell phone ghost apps these days. Funny thing is when people post those, most of the time they usually come up with the same old song and dance that, “A friend sent us this”, yeah right.  We have a group on facebook called "There's A (ghost) App For That", where we have posted many of the app pictures.


Pictures like the one below are fun to create, but there are some who do these types of pictures and pass them off as real. In this picture a program was used to create the water and one was used to add the shadows, which were silhouette brushes.The picture was also lightened.