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Paranormal or How to Bull Shit your Peers?

by Larry DP

The paranormal scene is a joke, yes a joke and it seems to be getting worse daily. Let us look at it and the ignorance that grows from it.Ok I am not even going to mention the low IQ believers; they will continue to post extremely poor photography as evidence. What I am talking about is those that try and impress you with your own ignorance. They use big words to impress you and so many of you put them on a pedestal because you are afraid to question them. How many people do you see like this? You try and hold a conversation and it takes hours or even weeks as they need to look up more bullshit to answer you with. Try this, when you see someone trying to bull shit you by typing over your head, copy a bit of their conversation and search it.Guess what, you will probably find someone else who has written it but this person takes it and alters it slightly to impress you. This person is famous in their own mind and joins as many sites as possible to bullshit you.

Plagiarism is theft of another person's writings or ideas.Generally, it occurs when someone steals expressions from another author's composition and makes them appear to be his own work. Sound familiar? Can you name some people who do this? DO NOT BE AFRAID TO QUESTION THEM!

Next we have the multitude of book writers, it’s the new wave of bullshit. You do not need to know anything paranormal, as people believe anything. Take a few pictures of trees or dirty windows, make up a story and you now have dumb asses who will put you on a pedestal. Tell people how to investigate, how to use equipment wrong. Even include some orbs, just inform them some orbs are dust or rain to cover your ass. I am losing my faith in so many of you. I see complete idiots writing books now. So may as well jump on the band wagon and you to can be a writer.

Faking evidence to be noticed or put on one of the bull shit TV shows. It seems to be a very popular method of using your smart phone or even photo shop to create ghosts and claim them as evidence. You do not need to do a good job as the sheer number of believers will praise your work. Point out they post fake pictures and watch their friends grow.

We now see people BEGGING for money to save claimed haunted locations. Really? Why not do research where paranormal lives? In the human mind.

Nonprofit my ass, come to our haunted tours, or our presentation. Come to the thousands of CONS ooops I meant paracons.

So do I respect any of you? Yes but this number is shrinking daily. If this offends you once again I really don’t give a ______ ____ .

Investigators Quiz

by Larry from DebunkParanormal

07/06/2013 09:09

We cannot detect the emf a person puts out it requires special equipment so why suddenly when they are dead do you think a regular meter will detect them?

Do you have your meters calibrated?


If a spirit is energy and energy is heat why do you think cold spots are ghosts?


 How does a ghost create evp when they have no psychical voice box?


 Do you do evp sessions while walking holding your recorder?


 Do you understand how sensitive a digital recorder can be?


Explain why the more professional your recorder the less evp you capture.


What frequency range is a ghost evp captured in?


 If a ghost can drain batteries why do they not drain the batteries already present in a home, watch,smoke detector, remote or cordless phones?


If a ghost is nothing but energy how do people see them with clothes?


If a ghost has no psychical characteristics how can you capture them with a camera or video?


 If a ghost has no psychical characteristics how can they lift heavy objects or scratch or push you?


 If a ghost can lift heavy objects, touch you, open and close locked doors why can't they pick up a pencil or type?


 What is exif information and do you use it?


At what exposure do moving objects start to become transparent?


Explain light painting


 What is an orb?


 What two types of light are used by a camera on investigations.


 Should you use your camera on night scene if it has it?


 Name different ways mist is captured in a photo


 What is an ISO and what do you use on your camera.


 Will you capture more orbs with a point and shoot or a DSLR with a lens hood and why.