Paranormal In Review


Holy Grail of phone applications maybe the correct name to call this picture, but calling it the Holy Grail in proving the paranormal is a joke. This picture caused much ado on facebook when it was exposed. The reason it did was the image is one that has circulated on the internet for sometime. Now we never got the real story if it was sent to them by the business owner or they created it but the image is fake. After this team was exposed sure enough another picture was found using the same phone app. You will find when exposing these people they will deny everything even when shown the original picture where the image came from. It is very sad that people feel the need to fake pictures. Is it for the attention they seek? It was reported the Goners team did a TV show, we are finding out just how much these shows really want the truth or made up stories, you know it is called “ratings”.

Thanks to Larry DP for supplying the phone app picture.