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Ghost Tours 2 

The Oman House

I was blocked after I made my comments on a couple of pictures from the Oman house. I mean I was blocked within a couple of minutes of commenting. I did have someone check to see if they left the comments so I have caps of what was said after I was blocked also. Now I don’t care about the pay to plays anymore as long as they have a reasonable price and they do not present bullshit for evidence to make a buck.


"The Oman House, a Seance, Good Food and Drink and a "I Survived The Oman House" T-Shirt. All for $120.00." The shirt should say I survived a night of bullshit but of course that is my opinion.


The Oman house; "It’s best known for the Manson murders that took place 200 feet away from the house in the late 1960’s"... Good grief it did not even happen in the house he is trying to push as haunted, 200 feet away... I say 'oh please' as I am rolling my eyes.


If I had not been blocked I could have commented on the pictures of the typical bullshit, blurry pictures, hair, camera straps, dust etc... It is sad that any tour group has to post bullshit to keep their claim as having a haunted house alive to make a buck.


Oh and I was in such a hurry to make the comments before I was deleted I misspelled ‘cell” I for some goofy reason said "sell’ phone. Duh me, so punish me now for my mistake.

The last picture is from Angels & Ghost's site and it was used as an example of the cell phone app is Ghost Detector Pro.

 All caps were posted to the public.

The answer.

My question would have been please explain why it is not slow shutter speed and motion. I was blocked before he even answered.

The answer.

Again blocked right after I commented.

Misspelling cell teaches me to take my time. No answer was made on this one.

Image is from Angels& Ghosts