Paranormal In Review

Graveyard Shift Paranormal Society

Paranormal teams claim to help families, but it is becoming very clear that a scant few are in any position to make that claim. Most of us are not medical doctors or psychologists and cannot diagnose a potential condition that might cause a person to believe they are experiencing paranormal. We can however, learn to recognize signs that can better inform us of what someone might actually be experiencing before jumping to a paranormal conclusion. This is never truer than in cases that include children.

It is a very scary though people are involving themselves with children when they have no clue to what they are doing.Is this an attempt to be noticed?

The screen cap below has nothing to do with the screen caps above, it is a complete different incident.

Children are so impressionable we feel they totally need to stay out of their parent’s hobby of investigating. If you think the TV show/movies would scare a child what do you think going out with people who think dust is a ghost can do to a child. This is not a joke by any means. The talk of ghosts and demons can only instill fear into these children who are brought into the hobby of investigating the paranormal.

Nightmares and fear of being in a room at night is not something a child should go through every night.

We did cap this picture when we first seen it because it just pissed us off. After the comment by a person who seems to have common sense, we noticed the picture was apparently taken down. Taking down the picture sure does not mean they have stopped taking children out on investigations. We could go on a huge rant about taking children into places that are unsafe to breathe in, dangers of falling through floors and teaching children it is ok to trespass as we have seen others do but we will wait for now.

Stop trying to get attention and leave your kids home, use your common sense it you have any.