Paranormal In Review

Huff Paranormal

We found Huff Paranormal because of a facebook ad. People can promote themselves on facebook by paying for an ad. It is our opinion that paying for these ads is one way to get likes. Well I did look and what I seen was in my opinion bullshit. Here is the rant we posted on Beyond Bullshit.

Ok I am a little pissed this morning after reading about a father and son team on FB page. The talk of abandon houses piss me off. These houses/warehouses are owned by either a person or they are now property of the State because of back taxes. WTF is wrong with these idiots who praise people like this. People like his page for effin what, to become a moron also? This man is taking his son into places that are in deplorable conditions, and for what, the sake of being known? He placed an ad on facebook and now so many morons think he is someone special just because of the ad, and the circus continues. Now because he is using the “ghostbox” which is a joke, they now call themselves the “spirit talkers”, oh good grief. The man is a photographer but he post pictures that any real photographer would know is not paranormal. I am sure many of you have seen their ad on the side of your page. By the way he has already forewarned people in the “about” to be aware you will be BANNED from his page for various reasons, in others words, believe everything he says. Why would he need to warn people, maybe because of the BULLSHIT? I do believe someone wants his own TV show? Just an opinion. Rant Over!

Here are just a couple of screen caps on their page that is open to the public.

Why would anyone take their son into places that sure look like they are falling apart as you can see in the picture below?

A screen cap below of a video he has on Youtube….. Trespass? We have also distorted his son’s face because he is underage.

Links to his youtube videos have been sent to the law enforcement in the appropriate counties.

Their ad on facebook no doubt attracts fantasy seekers with the thought of contacting the dead daily.