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Kuhn Memorial State Hospital

How can someone say they did not trespass when they had/have no clue in who owned/owns the building? And then their friend messages me saying his family owns the property and they allowed the team on the property, what the hell was he thinking..really are you kidding me. But when I confronted him with the information of who owns the building the conversation stops. But I was bashing because I wanted to know who gave them permission. The city was the answer I got from them but NO they don’t own it.

To cover his ass he stated how they donate to charities,well charities is not what I was asking about.. The question was did you trespass? And hell if he wants to bring up charities where is the records of donations made? He is the one bringing that up, I would not even have gone there.

Kuhn State Hospital was closed in 1989 and although it is an empty building “as of 2012, it now belongs to the Ester Stewart Buford Foundation of Yazoo City. For a few years, the buildings were locked and windows secured with plywood. Once vandals removed the plywood, deterioration accelerated.” This is according to “Kodachromeguy”.

I did in fact contact the foundation and talked to a lady named Judy. She had told me they get many calls from people wanting to go inside but they do not allow it. At this time a letter will be going out to them so I may get it in writing that they do not allow anyone to go in. I would think the liability would be just too much to allow it.

The pictures that were posted were from January. A place you supposedly care so much about and you don't know who owns it? That is crazy...

The typical ranting of calling names and saying I stole the picture was made, I don’t think sharing a picture is stealing. I was told not to “bullying us TAPS Family Members!!” really, lol is it bullying to ask if someone if they had permission to go inside a building, and really is TAPS, going to come after me? I am sure they frown on trespassing as much as we do. And oh hell he said they have been around for 27 years not sure TAPS has been around for that long.

Of course the typical name calling of idiot, saying I have a fake profile, I am going to be sued and I am a horrible person just because I asked who allowed them to go into the building.. Wow holy cow…

The comment; “we are trying to save this place from being torn down it’s a beautiful landmark”, really? It is not even on the historical societies list. And beautiful? Here are two pictures from Google.

How much would you say a building this size would cost to get it up to code?

Screen caps will be added later….

Email from the City of Vicksburg

People have asked us, “why do you care”, well we care because when people trespass it shows others and especially young people it is ok to follow in their steps and go to the same places. We feel people in general, who seem to like to go where they should not, need to stop, and it may behoove them to also speak out against trespassing instead of endorsing it.

Now on to the messages...

After much time of not adding the caps I thought long and hard about it and decided to go with adding the caps for the simple reason of the outright bullshit that was said.

After I posted about the hospital I started receiving messages.......

I could not find a email address for the foundation only a phone number.

Message ended

To clarify, I relayed the link and information over the phone, since there was no email address available.

He was added to the group where this was talked about.

Here are some of the comments made in Paranormal Bullies where David was added.

Where are all the pictures of everyone working and putting the trash and whatever else in dumpsters? I think that is a legit question? Our research is showing the this building is not a registered historic building.

All research shows the the City had no ownership since the late 1990's. The email from the city proves they don't own it. Several emails were sent out so we thank the City of Vicksburg for responding. Anyone allowing people into this building better have some very good insurance.

We never did get a satisfactory answer as to the true ownership of the building once it left the foundation's hands. What we do know however is the team in question learned a lesson the hard way.

We do not think they should be hailed for this "public service announcement". This group has been going into this extremely dilapidated building for years. They were always proud to show their investigations at Kuhn Hospital on their social media pages. Now they want to be heralded for this?

This was bound to happen, and we are glad that people will see that yes, roofs can and do collapse on abandoned buildings. Yet when they were questioned two years ago about this building's obvious lack of safety and permissions given, they went into *block* mode so we couldn't see their posts. The usual cries of "bully" to drown out any of our questions simply gave further credence to our opinion that questioning wasn't going to be tolerated. They seemed to see it as their building.

Now that they've given the warning to stay away from Kuhn Hospital, will they heed their own words? You can bet we'll be keeping an eye on that.