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Little Prairie Girl 2


Here we go again with the little prairie girl being posted once again. Some of the comments were entertaining to say the least and some comments were made by a few people trying to show them this photo was fake.

Instead of us telling you what they said it is always easier to post the captures since it was on an open to the public page. We do find it so amazing that now since they deleted the picture they claim those who commented are now creating fake accounts to harass them. The people I know have far better things to do then harass a group that needs to learn much.





These two pictures were found on Hoax Slayer's site 

Now lets take a look at some of the discussion concerning this picture.

Retards? Really people who are trying to make you understand the picture was fake and you say they are retards... gee whiz...

It is hard to follow this post because of the way the replies were set up.

In reference to their post, we have only this to say...

Let us add that no one can make a team look bad, that is done by the team itself. They need not blame others if they have not researched properly before they put items on their page or sites to get the ohs and ahs.Blame yourselves for being uneducated. Most of us who comment on the bullshit we see every day are not in competition with any team, we want people to take research seriously. So really stop your belly-aching that we are jealous.

We are never jealous of the lack of knowledge.. to put it nicely.