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Little Prairie Girl

Let me say one thing,when it comes to the safety of children we will never back down calling out people who may put any child at risk. Those who think we should not have called people out for that, well hell, what can I say about them. Having them complain by speaking out against us speaks loudly about them, too bad they don’t care about the children who were on the floor of the hospital.

No other phone app image has gotten more exposure then the little girl in the plaid dress; we call her the Little Prairie Girl. In the case of the picture being posted by Mandy, she gave a hospital name, floor and room where this fake picture was supposed to have been taken. We were shocked to know this was a maternity floor. We feel besides posting a fake/fraudulent picture it was very irresponsible to post the information on the hospital. It has become apparent others have felt the need to fall into the lie by posting the same picture. Many people have called her out but to this day she still posts this picture.

This is the most used phone app image I think we have seen. Actually this picture at the time of the cap had over 3,800 shares.

Here is one of those shares.


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For this cap I am not releasing the names because of how confusing it was with everyone throwing each other under the bus on who said the image was real and really who created the picture. Also I made mistakes in screen capping this. At one time it was the woman’s son and the next it was just a friend. I am posting to show once again how these phone apps and how people like to create fraudulent photos. I have added a few of the comments that were made concerning this fraud.