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We have come to understand many teams or individuals like to continue to deny they are giving false information on their face book account sand on their sites. We have come to realize the ones who call others awful names because they were told their picture can be explained are some of the worst offenders. We are looking for a place on the internet where these people can be called out by their names, plus the screen caps that of the messages they have sent to us or posted on a public post. When it comes to trying to protect the people looking for help we are willing to go that extra step. There is a site out there now doing what we hope to be able to but we do want to take it a step further in posting their pictures, of course they will get the well deserved credit they have earned.

For those looking for help, please read through our site sand also please check this site out Worst Paranormal, protect yourself, and make sure you get the right information when someone is investigating your home.

Remember you are having strangers coming into your home,please be safe, and find out everything you can about the people you will be inviting into your home. Our concern here has always been about the clients getting the absolute best information possible when getting their home investigated. We are thinking along the lines of having a website dedicated to getting the right information to clients specifically. As far as our opinion on a lot of teams--we don't promote anyone who shows explainable camera anomalies calling them 'ghosts'. We don't promote... people who see a demon behind every shadow. People deserve to have teams that behave in a respectable and friendly manner but do not claim titles or absolute answers if something cannot be explained through natural means. What would anyone's thoughts be on having a website designed to reach potential clients that would include recommended teams and articles about what needs to be ruled out before calling something paranormal? And yes, we would also include what clients need to be aware of such as making sure the team has background checks to provide, that they truly study what can cause anomalies in pictures, and that they don't charge for paranormal investigations.

Certified Ghost Hunters? There is NO legitimate certificate!

Plain and simple!

Why do people feel the need to classify themselves as specialist or being certified in anything when it comes to the hobby of ghost hunting? There are no accredited courses in being a certified ghost hunter, or being certified as evp specialist, and so on. Don't be fooled in their claims,it is nonsense. These people who offer these non-accredited courses are only out to take your money. Sadly to say many people fall for this, and then claim they are certified or they are specialist on their websites, and to their clients.

One of the people who offer these courses has some of the worse examples of her claims of the paranormal I have seen. From a camera strap in the flash which she calls, a double vortex, to anomaly with tentacles, which is hair and the list, goes on. One of the pictures I looked at had even been run through a photo program which tells me it could have been tampered with. So please if you want to become a ghost hunter, ask questions of people who have been doing this for some time, research the Internet, learn some photography and by all means use some common sense. Please do not let these people who offer courses take your money.