Paranormal In Review

Meet Professional Ghost Hunters

Because I replied to a posting of a meet/convention in Texas that advertised on their poster that people could meet “Professional Ghosts Hunters” I faced the wrath again with the bombardment of pissed off people. Now there are some who say there are professionals in certain areas but I just think it is wrong to say you’re a professional when it comes to calling yourself a paranormal investigator. The team I have seen that call themselves professionals is just sad in my opinion.

You can have people who are professionals in their everyday life on your team but that sure does not mean they are professionals in investigating. You can act in a professional manner but that does not mean you're a professional investigator.

Holy Shit the flames of death… BAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!!

It was very nice of Lauren to send me the meaning of professional. It still did not change our opinion of calling oneself a professional investigator we call that BULLSHIT!.