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David M Rountree - Captain-Special Forces-United States Air Force Claim  

David Rountree has been a popular paranormal personality for several years now. He has written a book that many paranormal investigators use, Paranormal Technologies.


Not long ago, public claims of his military service came into question. He responded by attacking and blocking anyone who dared to question him. This led to people, many of them in the military, to seek the truth of what he was trying to hide.

They got their answer. Freedom of Information Act is a beautiful thing. And when one part of a person's presented life is a complete fabrication, you have to wonder about his other credentials. Such as the PhD he claimed for many years that he couldn't prove..and eventually retracted. Such as his other claims of education which he recently admitted were false and there to 'trap' trolls.


He can spin it how he wants. Everything he has lied about thus far puts everything he has ever done and written into question.

He never was in Vietnam he never was at the Fall of Saigon nor was at the Mayaguez Incident as he claimed. He did not earn a Silver Star, two Bronze Stars, and a Purple Heart as he claimed and he sure in the hell was not in the Special Forces. 

Evan Jensen - Navy Seal Claim


We were upset to find out just how many people pose as our military heroes. How shameful these people are to say they are something they're not.   Evan Jensen was a person we called on a Navy Seal claim. We rolled our eyes and decided we would check it out. The link will lead you to the notes and screen caps concerning this matter on facebook. We just recently received his DD214… He was not a Seal however he did serve. 


After we questioned Evan Jensen's claims of being a Navy Seal, the backtrack boogie began in earnest. It was deflected to the woman who made the poster that had the Navy Seal claim. However, when t he whole community started questioning what was going on, it then went to "nothing directly was claimed". The request was put in for the DD214 and as suspected, Mr. Jensen was not in the Navy Seals. Now he wants to call out someone else for Stolen Valor. Sorry, but hypocrites are not allowed.

We finally received Evan’s DD214 under the Freedom of Information Act:

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), 5 U.S.C. § 552, is a federal freedom of information law that allows for the full or partial disclosure of previously unreleased information and documents controlled by the United States government. 

Evan Jensen was not a Navy Seal

JohnA. Kuykendall - Lt Colonel in the Marines Claim

In January 2013 John A. Kuykendall was called out by several people on his claim of being a Lieutenant Colonel in the Marines. We checked his Linkedin account and as of 4/21/2015 his claim of being a Lieutenant Colonel in the Marines is still posted.