Paranormal In Review

Once again I see a post giving advice about developing psychic abilities using 'herbal ingredients' that shows ignorance. This time,we have a claimed high priest telling a woman to use mugwort to increase her psychic perception.

Luckily, someone did have the sense to add a caution about using too much of this particular "ingredient", but the original advice given included no such warning.

Mugwort (artemisia vulgaris) is a perennial plant that blooms July through October. The roots and leaves are used as food supplements or in a tea, often for the purpose of easing digestive issues or in women,menstrual problems. Research has also been done on their effectiveness in treating parasitic infections and is also used as an energy tonic. Other uses include as a spice, beer flavoring, and the leaves crushed and put in a sachetto be placed in "dream pillows". Those who believe in its metaphysical properties assert that it enhances prophetic dreams and increases psychic abilities.

Now I am not going to say that all uses of mugwort are wrong or dangerous. In moderate amounts, it seems to have its benefits and many report no ill effects from its use. I'm not going to attack its metaphysical use because I want to make a more important point--which is questioning ANYONE who dispenses advice that involves the use of herbal supplements. These are not regulated by the FDA and are under no obligation to determine a safe dosage.This requires the consumer to research themselves or go to an actual medical professional for advice.

While it is considered 'generally safe' for use by most people, there are some risks that one should be aware of before attempting to get that psychic revelation or prophetic dream.

1) It is unsafe for pregnant women, due to the chemical thujone that is in the plant itself. Thujone is toxic in large doses and it causes the uterus to contract which can result in miscarriage.

2) People with any types of allergies, especially to pollen should know that they are at risk for an allergic reaction to mugwort. This can range from an uncomfortable rash and hay fever to more rare but life threatening reactions.

3) The very fact that so much is unknown about the actual safety of ingesting this plant. The consensus among those who actually do their research seems to be that it should not be used for any longer than a week due to the damage it can cause the liver and nervous system. Again, mugwort does not fall into anything that requires regulation or determined safe dosage. It is important to get actual advice from a medical professional before using anything that is unregulated.

The person who gave this advice charges for 'mage' services and claims to be in a position to help people. So tell me..what qualifies any of these people who are self proclaimed 'high priests' or whatever term they have made up for themselves to tell someone to take something without knowing if she has any health issues that might cause an adverse reaction? It took someone else bringing up the cautions and toxic ingredients of the plant.

Again, I am not saying that people who use herbal supplements and plants for metaphysical practices should be stopped from doing so. I AM saying that before advice is taken or anything is consumed to DO THE RESEARCH. Investigate. And don't expect to find answers from someone who lives in a fantasy world.


(an interesting bit in this link from witchipedia on mugwort..from "additional notes" at the bottom of the article)"Mugwort is considered a noxious weed in some of the United States. Checkwith your States laws before planting as some carry heavy fines for planting certain plants.

 Mugwort should never be used during pregnancy or lactation or by anyone who has pelvic inflammatory issues as it causes uterine contractions and can be passed through the mother's milk.

Mugwort should not be used for more than one week continuously. Continued, habitual use of mugwort can cause nervous problems, liver damage and convulsions.

Some people have topical allergies to mugwort. Test some on your skin before using.")