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Open Letter To Richard Parnell Part 2

This was original an Open Letter to Parnell but it should have been an Open Letter to the group “Wrongfully abused by "Beyond Bullshit" which was create because of the events that were mentioned in the first Open Letter.

Paranormal Emmy Awards..... Really... Your own words.

Dear Dick/Richard/Rich

How come you allow a threat of sending viruses on your page “Wrongfully

abused by "Beyond Bullshit"?

When we spoke out about our opinions on giving awards for anything to do with the paranormal and we felt calling these awards Paranormal Emmy’s was just wrong and also was the use of the statute, we seem to have stepped on some toes needless to say. Listen the paranormal community is not Parawood/Hollywood. Although its sure starting to look like that is what people are turning it into. I find that really crazy and yes, stupid.. Every Tom, Dick and Harry wants the notoriety that true stars have, and at times it is so funny. Again, © 1995-2012 Academy of Television Arts& Sciences. All rights reserved. Emmy® and the Emmy statuette are the trademark property of ATAS/NATAS.

We noticed you have changed the use of the statute and now call your “awards” Emmies”. I had written an open letter to you Parnell about your comments, which I will link that first letter on here below. You have decided to create a page called, “Wrongfully abused by "Beyond Bullshit", on facebook. On that page I found my open letter to you without his comments from your posting on Beyond Bullshit. How can anyone understand what the open letter is about without posting the whole thing..

I am changing this second Open Letter to show all the things you have said on your “Wrongfully Abused” page. I think it is a shame that because you were told you infringed on a copyright and of course how I think giving awards is silly, you struck out by name calling and you are the one you bashed us. Instead of fixing the wrong you did, which all you had to do was change the name and the statute you would have been fine. Which you have done. You closed your page so we were not allowed to stand up for ourselves and you continued to flap you mouth.. We have always left our comments open to anyone except for Bobby Mullins because he spammed out page with advertisement for himself. When we asked him to stop and he did not.

The following caps are about us from an open page on facebook:

And you have allowed this to stay on your page. Lets see who liked that comment

This was capped on a different day that is why the avatar has changed. Seems like your wife liked that idea. I wonder if facebook would like it.

Are some people that stupid to think it is ok for others to make fun of someone with a disability just because the one who is sick may make light of their own situation.. Grow up..

Gee Whiz show us screens caps where we abused anyone.. I am not talking about copying and pasting that can be changed. Give us some names of those who we "personally slandered". This is why we use screen caps and let those who run their mouth. Come to think of it neither Angela nor I slandered you.. How is it slander asking or reporting you were using a copyrighted name and statute? How is it slander when I suggest you had your fingers in the flash when you took a picture and posted it on a paranormal site, please tell me.

LMAO !! You forgot to say DUDE RUN!

Why do you post fingers on a paranormal site?

Again here is the link to Beyond Bullshit


Does the Dude love us that much he is counting our sites? We just want to make sure people stop falling for the bullshit we see everyday on facebook and people who make money off of people for crap. And Of course to make sure people know our opinion of giving awards out. We feel it is bullshit. No one has proven anything to win a award.. That chart was something we feel is bullshit, but hell one of his minions wanted to post it... The chart and our comments can be found here:

Academy Emmy Awards? 

No Tresa we do not copy and paste  like you have on the page against us.

 Katherine, jealous really of what? Send hugs, really…. Did not feel like hugs when it looked like he was making snide remarks about my disability, it is hard enough to tell anyone once you become sick and no longer can do the thing you use to. Don’t you point fingers because you were not on the page he was ranting on, I was, it is my page.

Lisa, harassment?  My open letter is to dick/Richard/Rich about his comments he made, I have a right to answer them and compose an open letter. He and his friends are the ones who came on my page and harassed, screen caps have been saved.

To Tresa, dear, for one I think facebook needs to start charging people who spam the pages with ads for one. Tresa, why when posting my open letter did you not add the screen caps of Dick/Richard/Rich’s comments,did they make him look bad? You cannot post a partial letter to be fair. Your husband came on our page which is fine he has a right to his opinion to a certain point..  His comments were left for all to see, but then he deleted them, we did not delete we love it when someone shows their true colors.  How can we twist people’s words when there are screen caps that speak for themselves…..Good grief.

 Dee Dove, “Some People’s Children”?  What the heck does that mean?

Katherine, again with the jealously, none of you have anything to be jealous about… Being jealous of anything does not get you anywhere….  I have to LMAO about the TV thing…  I find it a joke… Hell we been offered to do radio but turn it down because I think most of the shows are just too god damn stupid.  As it looks CC or someone deleted a comment because you thanked her for something…..  Wonder what was deleted?

Now Thomas, just who in the heck are you? Never heard of you and really don’t want to get to know you, but it appears another threat is being made… Now it is time not to be so nice……. Now just what the hell are you going to do that makes me hide under the bed, are you fucking serious.. Just who in the hell do you think you are to make threats, “sucking my thumb” bring it on ass wipe.

Parnell please pass this letter to you to your followers..Please get the story right. Please make sure when you pass this open letter just link to it so all the truth can be seen. Again make sure everyone sees the screen caps.

Awww he loves us.. But why did he block us from seeing this? We don't mind being a called a troll for calling out bullshit and morons.. Not at all.. That is why was we embrace the name.. Kiss kiss!!

Now you Parnell seem to think your minion should be allowed to come in and call us names and continue to post spam. We asked him not to post the crap but he continued. You are very funny because you blocked us so you could post shit you did not think we would ever see. Guess what we seen you. It seems you are the one who loves to rant, rave and bash... We have one post on you and it is the open letter I wrote to you. You have made an entire page on us, thanks for giving me the proof I needed as an example how people act when they are called out for a legitimate reasons.

These caps are about dealing with the peanut gallery in Beyond Bullshit a page Angela and I have. These caps maybe out of order and at times I, (Tkay) comment as Beyond Bullshit. These caps are taken when we see them because so many times people will post insults and downright stupid shit and then they delete them. Many times they say we delete their comments, but they do not know we cap them to prove otherwise. Now we do delete comments that are meant for advertisement, we do not allow that on our page. Also anyone sending Angela or myself bull shitmessages well they do get “reviewed” on our sites.

Bobby Mullins

Our opinion... What a freaking DORK!

The Messages

He thought he could start some bullshit with Haunted and myself but he did not know I think Haunted is awesome .

I am not going to continue to post the bullshit but I do have to post this last one….

All right youse guys I am the ring leader here  of this mob, we seek truth and try to stamp out the bullshit…….

Our Creation!!!! You know since we are old bats...

Oh hell I forgot one I wanted to post....

WOW right....