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One of the worse cases we have seen in trying to pass a picture off as real is in this Open Letter to Mandy Kemp, who is in her twenties and married, so you would have thought she would know better. So for those who assume we called out a kid, grow up and do your research.

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January6, 2012

Open Letter to Mandy Kemp


Mandy, really you have got to be one of the worse liars I have dealt with, well maybe not the worse one but what you did could have and still could cause problems for Ball Hospital, on the maternity ward. By posting this FAKE picture, which I have posted below, and by giving the name, the floor and the room number at the hospital, YOU could have caused and still could cause many security issues with people who think that picture was real. You better hope no one thinks about going to that hospital to"investigate" and gets charged with trespassing or some other incidents come up.

 You have kept insisting this picture is real and really you are making a joke of everyone who thought you were telling the truth. Pretty sad when you make your friends look like fools. You Miss Mandy should be ashamed of yourself for making them look like complete idiots sticking up for you. You know it is a phone application because it has to be downloaded to your phone and cost around 99 cents. Your joke, if that is what you are going to claim it was and is really stupid and you in my opinion look like the idiot.


 So to let you know I have sent an email to Bell Hospital giving them your name and what you claimed about a ghost on the maternity ward. You had over or have over 300 shares which some people do have a brain I see and they know the pictures was fake but then you have the love and light lovers who think this piece of fraud is real. I have decided to also email the TV station and maybe the police, not to report the picture but to make sure the hospital did get my email so a bunch of idiots don’t show up with cameras  disturbing sick people. Nothing may not happen, but I would feel bad if something did and I did not say anything.

A comment was left on your page Mandy by Larry informing you that the “ghost Girl” was a phone application. Apparently you did not like that comment so you deleted it and closed your page to any other comments. I was too late to make a comment and to show you the picture I had put together. Then I seen you posted it on GHI’s page, so that is where I went to post what I wanted to say.

It is a shame that the shares on that picture increase......

I have sent SyFy a message because they are the ones who created the page:

The last cap was the end of the Open Letter to Mandy. Now for the NINCOMPOOPS who want to say we were so bad at calling out someone who could have caused problems in a hospital on a maternity ward.. For Pete’s sake, grow up already..