Paranormal In Review


We don't think so..

We are not going to call this person out because they may have made a honest mistake. It does show however that you need to look at pictures a little closer. Not changing the filters, but just take time in looking at them and please use your common sense.

What do you see in this pic? A orb or a moisture spot?

A closer look shows were some type of moisture had dripped down. So orb or moisture? We say a moisture spot..

GreatGreat Grandma was dead, really?

Great Great Grandma was dead, really? How come Great Great Grandpa is just as see through as she is. Oh please.. I would say they just kept moving to figure out who was going to stand where and of course long exposure…

What the Heck..

I was going to comment again but the comments are no longer open to me. The first picture is the original they posted (the small one) and the next one is enlarged. What do we see, we see a smudge stick being used to create the smoke, not apparition in our opinion. And holy heck I have no comments on there anymore I guess they must have been deleted..

What is coming from the item she has in her hand?

If you look closely at the larger picture this is cropped version. Face?