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Paranormal And Craigslist
What Could POSSIBLY Go Wrong?

Considering that Craigslist, the well-known classifieds website, is open to just about anything--we should not be surprised at many teams who use it to get their name out there. However, one thing we are seeing that seems to be a newer trend is, in our opinion, opening the door for teams to start getting sued.

A common theme in the paranormal scene has been to recognize that this is a hobby that should not be used as a means of employment. Teams usually make it known on their sites and pages that the 'services' (another rant for another time) they offer are free of charge. What is being discovered after looking at many area Craigslist ads for teams is that newer ones are starting to charge what they believe to be 'affordable fees'. One team in particular had a list price of $300-$700 for homes and $750 for businesses until backlash on FB urged them to edit their ad and page to say 'free service (donations welcome)'.

That was simply one team..several others are doing this as well. When we look at their facebook pages, it usually shows a page that was only recently started with very few 'likes'..and we certainly do not want to do anything to promote them or draw attention to them. This seems to do nothing but increase popularity, even if the discussion about them is negative.

We will add that a majority of the teams we've found so far on Craigslist are not charging a fee (however many make sure to mention they welcome donations). The wording in the advertisements is the same misleading language we see every day on Facebook paranormal pages. They bill themselves as 'skilled services', 'real estate services', and one even claims to be 'licensed'. Fee or not--this is bullshit.

It seems like every time we think that the scene has hit bottom, we find something lower. The fact that some of these teams are arrogant enough to charge a fee is reprehensible--and yet, what indeed did we expect to happen? Many paranormal teams have presented themselves as a "professional service" for quite some time. Why should anyone be surprised that those very words make it easy for scammers to use that for ill intent?

We do not want to give these teams undue attention, which many times leads to more popularity. However, we have included screen caps of a Michigan team that is now trying to make it look as though they never charged. We have also included Craigslist links to others who are charging. Take a look--and while you're at it, take a look on your own area Craigslist. Type 'paranormal' into the search and look under 'community', 'services', and 'jobs'. You may be surprised at what you find.

As a caution, we have also added links involving scams and dangers of Craigslist as well as tips CL offers to avoid getting ripped off or in a bad situation. A tip from us--ANY paranormal team advertising a fee for their service is a scam. Period.


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Do I believe the kid who is calling other names part of the team.... Hmmm.. yes I do.. As this all unfolded they deleted what they were going to charge on their about. Of course as soon as Larry mentioned they still had the charges on craigslist it magically was changed. (offering promotional free investigations which indicates that they otherwise will charge)  (another group that charges...San Francisco Bay area. Offers 'full service ghost extractions' while simultaneously using the words 'scientific method and protocols'. Indicates that teams who do not charge are not 'serious professionals').  (another team that charges and claims to be 'fully licensed'. (claims that if the cause of the activity can't be discerned in 48 hours, the service is "free" meaning otherwise, there will be a price listed)  (claims 'affordable fees' price listed) (offers investigations for $300) (Compensation low)


What could possibly go wrong? (man loses $1300 in Craigslist scam) (people taken in by housing scam)
 (woman is caught attempting to pull an Iphone/tablet scam where a victim literally had to fight to recover their money). (grand jury indicted two brothers who scammed hundreds of people).

And of course the most horrific ones.. 

Craigslist tips to avoid getting scammed and how to report it if it happens.