Paranormal In Review

Pictures In Review

Pictures in review will cover pictures that have been called paranormal and in many cases have a logical explanation. Many times when we have tried to show people why their pictures look the way they do, we get blocked and are called bullies. Sometimes they just do not want to understand what we tell them even when we present solid examples, they will no longer have that paranormal "catch" they can brag about.

This was one way we can hopefully help others to understand why these pictures look the way they do. I tried to do this on facebook but people said I stole their pictures. Of course because of the people not wanting to be corrected, so facebook requested I do not have an album of bullshit pictures to be used as an educational tool, so I deleted them. So we decided to now put them on the site with our opinion. All pictures were open to the public and in no way do we claim these pictures are ours nor would we want to claim them. This is why we leave the entire post on the picture.

Individual pictures are in the sub menu of this page.

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