Paranormal In Review

Psychics, seers, mediums, clairvoyants, and the many other names that those who claim to communicate with the 'other side' call themselves have been around almost as long as time itself. Throughout the ages, they have been vilified by some and heralded by others as 'gifted'. The one thing they All have in common...none have proven their abilities as fact. It relies on their word and the anecdotal testimonies of those who have consulted them.


Whether they are out and out frauds (well hello Sylvia Browne) or simply deluded enough to believe they have a gift of some sort, a majority of those who claim to have psychic ability simply use 'cold reading'or fishing techniques to get information that we subconsciously reveal about ourselves. Most that are practicing have a good flair for intuition and can logically put scenarios and events together even with just a bit of information. They watch the body language and reactions of those who are consulting them. They add some educated guesses and voila...a psychic becomes a star.


If it was left at simply a 'show'...a bit that could add to a fun parlor game or in a venue that was expected to be entertaining, that would be one thing. However, they convince people that they are 'helping' them communicate with lost loved ones, helping them plan their futures, and in many cases...claim they are solving crimes for police. No matter that not one psychic has been conclusively proven to SOLVE a crime case, there are many making that claim..and going unquestioned. When they are questioned, the answers are vague if not downright bashing the one doing the questioning. They will offer 'proof' in the way of testimonials from people..human beings that are subject to fallacies and tricks of the brain. They cannot offer documented proof that they are actually doing anything other than some lucky guesses that can be retro-fitted after the fact. And many many times..more often than not actually..they are so dreadfully and tragically wrong.


This page is about reviewing those who make claims and questioning those claims. We are certainly not the first who will publicly expose anyone that has shown true deception and I sincerely hope we are not the last. For far too long, charlatans have been taking advantage of people and the only time it seems to get any real media coverage is if they do something over the top..only to be forgotten later. Until the laws regarding psychics and being able to charge for their 'services' change..or some psychics actually start PROVING their claimed abilities..the need for pages like this will continue.


And so will we. We will never stop questioning.


~Angela and Tkay~

Its a Phone Application..

We have a hard time swallowing claims of psychics when they cannot even make a correct call on pictures. Two of these pictures are nothing more the phone applications and the other one where she claims she was being smothered.

We also find it hilarious that some psychics are certifying each other; some now claim they are Certified Psychics which apparently means they are real. Now we can see teams of Certified Paranormal Investigators and Certified Psychics. Oh please… The circus just keeps getting worse every day.

I will never understand how people who call themselves psychics can't really read pictures to know if they are real or not...

We cannot comment on this one so, our review would have to be WTF..... Blurred picture nothing more...