Paranormal In Review

R.I.P. Midwest

Thanks to Noah Leigh and Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee for pointing us in the direction of the following team.

There are several points about this group that we would like to bring up for opinions. First of all, on their "about us" page,they claim to have the goal of providing scientific proof to clients and assist those in Spirit as well as helping families with hauntings. They also claim to be on the 'cutting edge' of research by 'furthering studies and recording scientific proof of other-side communication'.

Founded in 2007, they claim that only their top"certified" investigators are used in client cases. They charge (no task--charge) $1.95 per mile round trip anywhere. They also expect lodging provided if the trip is over 100 miles (round trip, that is).

And for some of their other charges and 'donations'....

EVP Work Sessions

30 minutes: $ 52.50

60 minutes: $105.50

$1.75 per minute for EVP analysis

$1.95 per mile for travel

Pre-payment is required.

They also offer house blessings and cleansings along with a'mentorship' for teens who believe they have psychic abilities. No mention of actual charges on these, however they are offered as services provided by the team founder who is a claimed psychic. The team also offers 'séances' for small groups of 10-20 with a nominal fee per person.

Now they do make the point that they only charge mileage and donations for investigations--let's take a look at what they consider a fair donation, shall we?

On their "Investigative Options", they offer Tier One, Tier Two, and Tier Three along with the list of services they provide. For Tier One, there is no donation amount listed. Two has $100 and Three has $200.Now they want it known that they won't turn anyone away in their area whether donations are given or not, however separating investigative services into tiers gives a very strong suggestion (IN OUR OPINION) that the more money you give, the better or more detailed the investigation. We also see that their team founder has a picture that she claims to have verified as paranormal in several newspaper articles. We would like to see what proof she has (exif data, expert analysis, etc) that this picture is not simply a long exposure.

Our opinion--the paranormal scene is filled with people who behave as though much has already been proven. The facts are...there is no quantifiable proof of paranormal. There is no proof of psychic ability. There are no valid or accredited 'certifications'. It is a hobby, not a field. There are people who take that hobby seriously enough to attempt research or collection of data, and there are some who are simply in it for attention and fame. To charge money for gas and lodging, to expect people to donate because you want to continue your hobby, and to claim that you are 'certified' in any capacity are just a few examples of why the paranormal scene has become a circus that is quickly derailing into a train wreck.

Here is their be the judge. Comments will link to some further information. We will also be adding this team to the Paranormal In Review page along with screen caps provided of conversations this team has now deleted.