Paranormal In Review

Saratoga Paranormal Research Team

Saratoga Paranormal Research Team, really, research? In my opinion, I don’t think so! Calling pictures that are a result of slow shutter “energy” when all it is, is a result of a slow shutter is just wrong. Just how can a team call themselves a “research team” when they have no clue to what they are doing. We see this time and time again but when you have people trying to explain to why your picture looks like this, damn take the time to do real research to know your camera. I find it amusing that the comment I left was deleted. Here is a screen cap of when I left my comment.

Yes they deleted the comment, hell why should they want to understand why they get the pictures like they do.

Just recently I checked their page and was shocked that the now they took off the caption on the one picture. My comment was taken off but others made comments so they came back with this:

Here are some more of their pictures that they call "energy". Really...

There is no explanation on the old page that showed the album pictures but the new one shows this comment:

“A very controversial subject in paranormal studies”, are you serious… The problem we have in this community is people just refuse to learn. This is not a controversial issue. “Paranormal studies”, really this is not a paranormal issue, it is a camera issue and people who lack common sense,or is it that people do understand but they try to fool the public? Check your exif data, look at what your shutter speed was set at. Learn to listen to people especially when they show you proof of just what they are talking about.Go to photography sites read and lean your camera. So very simple to do, just play-with your camera and its settings and learn….

Energy? Really.

It is called slow shutter speed/long exposure and it is Not paranormal.

Really haters, people who are trying to show others something that may help them out and we’re called haters… Children my my my…..

Here is the video I love to link people to so they may better understand slow shutter speed.