Paranormal In Review


I do have to admit I was not happy when I seen their claim and yes I guess I let them know what I felt. There are many things that just do not ring true and I did have to give them my opinion.They did not like that I said the scratches looked like they were done by a brush.

They had other pictures that also did not ring true to what their claim of them was. They still may have the pictures posted. Mine opinion was based on their insinuation there were attacks that had happened before and these insinuations seemed nothing more than an attempt to scare people. If one is attacked like this on a daily base, I would suggest they seek help both from medical professionals and may be someone who knows how to investigate. Here are their responses and also my comment that they reposted.

This was a notification in a email I never got to reply to their comments but here is my chance. Short and sweet.

No I am not ignorant, I am smart enough to know in my opinion these pictures are not correct. Twilight zone, oh yes, I believe I am in a twilight zone when I see someone seeking attention enough that they say these pictures are caused my something paranormal.