Paranormal In Review

Skylar Dawn

Recently a psychic who calls herself 'Skylar Dawn' came to our attention via the Worst Paranormal page. Upon looking at her online psychic network page, she had a claim of being a 'consult' for the CC police department. Since she lives in Oklahoma City, I checked the county for that area. Oklahoma City falls in two counties, Oklahoma and Cleveland. I took this to mean that CC police department was Cleveland County. I emailed their county sheriff who emailed back with the response of never having heard of her and that they do not consult with psychics. So once again, we see that psychics make claims they cannot back up.

Please make sure you read what the Sheriff said:

Not that they do not know that psychic by that name..

We went to the site where she does her reading and using the,Free Introductory Chat. Here is the question we put to her and her answer.

Skylar Dawn is welcome to refute this with any proof that the Cleveland County Sheriff Department was incorrect or if there is another police department we should contact