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04/10/2013 17:23

I just could not believe what I read last night when I was shown this picture. As soon as they seen Jonathan Vanover’s comment they deleted the post and really why would they post something like that in the first place? Do they think admitting they have been “busted” at LEAST 5 times it just ridiculous and bragging about it at that well damn. And oh hell, asking others how many times they were busted, good grief. These are adults not children from me it shows to true lack of respect for others and their property. This sort of activity and the posting of it make the community as a whole look like a joke, how can anyone take people who are truly in it to do research serious.  We keep seeing people over and over again trespassing and they think nothing of it, why I don’t understand. What is so damn hard to understand, what do they not comprehend when it comes to not going into places without permission? One of these days someone is going to get hurt.  Just recently we found a group that was created by someone we called out for trespassing, and sure enough their new group is about bullying, well you know if we are accused of being bullies because we try to get the truth out about trespassing and other bullshit well that is just fine. We will keep on doing what we do and that is to get the truth out..

 The following is what I asked Swag today.

This is one you can decide what they truly meant in the first picture. Why would the investigations be “ended” by the police if they were at a place legally?

We would like to thank Jonathan Vanover for bringing this to our attention. He has also shared the post where he made the comment.