Paranormal In Review

Sylvia Browne

When this was posted on Beyond Bullshit I was confronted by someone who thought my language was filled with anger and they were not pleased I guess that I used swear words. Well maybe I did go overboard but we are mothers and grand-mothers who really don’t even want to try to imagine how Amanda’s mother suffered mentally after being told her daughter was dead when in all reality she was alive. I can myself understand how people can allow themselves to just give up and die from a broken heart. Her mother it seems did not care about her own life it seems after being told her child was dead. That is why my anger came out in what I had stated below.

For all you people who think you’re a psychic, prove it or get the fuck off the pot and I am not talking about smoking a blunt but hell you just maybe doing that also along with crack to be so fucking delusional. Your“goddess” of bullshit fucked up again, I say again because it is not the first time. I have seen someone say, “We all make mistakes” when it comes to Sylvia Browne’s comment to Amanda Berry’s mother, “She’s not alive honey.” What a fucked up mistake I would say that is since Amanda is alive. How about telling Shawn Hornbeck’s parents he was dead and his body could be found in a wooded area, when he was also alive. Two major fuck ups yet, “we all make mistakes”, you people are pathetic standing by her, why do you do this; well the word delusional comes to mind once again. Psychics are either scam artist who knows how to do cold readings or they are just plain delusional nut cases. In any case I will continue to speak out against ALL people who say they are psychic and claim to mediums. Go take James Randi’s challenge and if you pass I will believe.

According to Sylvia’s site her fees and her son’s fees are overboard for being told things that maybe mistakes. Her phone readings are $850.00 and her sons are $500.00. Apparently he must make more mistakes then she does he is cheaper. Oh and they don’t tell you how long the 850 will buy you but I bet it is not for very long.

Sad to say but some people are downright gullible.

Whilelooking for some of the videos I had seen on Sylvia Brown I ran into this one. I think this says it all for all the psychics out there.. Thisis a must see.

Oh good grief really Sylvia, what you are saying about this picture is a bunch of bs. Below is a picture of a person we consider a god in his field, Angus of AC/DC, but just because he looks like he is lit up only means there was an intense light. Please stop the bullshit and it is a shame that opinions on facebook are being deleted.