Paranormal In Review

There are teams that really do defy all common sense and rationale...and some are dangers to themselves or are promoting dangerous behavior to others. Those teams should be aware that they can count on a few things from us as well as others who call out fraud.

1) Some behavior will be called out for the very danger it might present to others or if it is showing signs of mental instability.

a) Drugs and drug paraphernalia

b) Your own drug induced hallucinations

c) Last but not least, close ups of dog anuses with questions such as 'does this look like it became a vagina?'

2) When people come to your page to give reasonable explanations and question what you are doing, if you delete the comments and block the people from commenting further..the comments will be screen capped and you will be showcased on our site as well as others that call out fraud.

3) Anytime that an owner or city official can be contacted to confirm permission for being in abandoned houses or cemeteries at night,they will be, with links sent to law enforcement to show any trespassing that might be going on. The community looks like a joke with all these people running around in dangerous and abandoned properties or nighttime cemetery jaunts. We understand that there is permission granted on some occasions and if that is the case, there will be no issues from us.

People often wonder why we look through team’s pages and evidence as well as find out more about those who are wanting to go into people's houses. There are people out there who are promoting dangerous behavior and they are wanting to be taken seriously as paranormal investigators.We look for more information because the public needs to be aware of how these people present themselves.


                           The Flip Flop Hop


Those of us who expose para~crap are very familiar with this dance. While it happens with many cases of bogus "evidence", it is never more true than when a team has posted a smartphone ghost picture application as an "amazing capture".

The first step of the dance begins before the actual flipping starts--by posting the picture and claiming that professional photographers have verified it as real. Now keep in mind--these pictures are almost always presented as though all means necessary have been taken to debunk the photo. Next, a person shows up to identify the app in comments. This leads to others agreeing, which segues us into the next step--the 'block 'em boogie'. Comments are removed as quickly as they are posted and the people are banned from commenting further.

At this point, those who are blocked will get the word out to the community that a team is presenting an app as evidence. More people call them out and it becomes apparent that they have to acknowledge the fake picture for what it is. This begins the third step--we call it the 'under the bus hustle'. The team blames everyone else--the so called professional photographers, the person who gave them the picture, the people who were so 'rude' that they had to block--all to avoid personal responsibility.

**Now this is where the dance gets twisted.**

Once the picture is finally removed, the hope is that the team can move on. A few will acknowledge the mistake while others try to pretend it never happened. However, there are some of us who are going to look deeper, and this is often when we find more BS. When this is questioned, the 'victim violin' is played. "Everyone's picking on me"..."why can't they let this go?"...and on and on. They will align themselves with others who have been called out and they all do the line dance of unity where no drama prevents them from being exposed.

It all begins with a fake picture that a team posts to get attention. The community gets in an uproar and the team is momentarily shamed.The dust settles and it's back to the same old song and dance. Nothing much happens to these people's reputations as a whole. They still have their fans,their supporters, their 'unity'. In the case of a team recently called out by Worst Paranormal, damage control was attempted in every possible way. Then other questions came up about their charges for smudgings and psychics to tag along on investigations (three of the team members are claimed psychics). Their response was to threaten legal action because I copied the bit from their site where they said they charged for these things. And this is how the dance ends--the 'legal limbo'. However it is only an intermission because before long it starts all over again with another team.

The dance continues because these people are allowed to slip under the radar into unity-land where they can't be called out due to 'no drama' policies. The dance continues because teams who are chasing"likes" and "oohs and aahs" will keep posting these ghost apps. Why wouldn't they? Once the dust settles and the initial outrage is all but forgotten by many, these teams continue to perpetuate the same BS they were doing before they were called out for an app. The dance continues because the paranormal community as a whole keeps playing the same song. The only way to stop it is to turn off the music and say "No more!!"...and mean it.Stand by it, even if you lose friends or followers. The only way we're going to stop looking like fools for even being interested in any of this is to get beyond the bullshit.