Paranormal In Review

The List

We think there needs to be a warning put out for those looking for help in relieving their fears of being haunted. We decided to do a list of what to look for or is it what not to look for in a team on facebook.

1. First off and most important...if they are representing 'paranormal unity'...keep looking.

2. Second thing to look for...contests and begs for 'likes'. No team is complete without them and each 'like' is equivalent to a year of experience. Keep looking.

3. If they call their “likes” fans laugh and run.

4. Don't look for people who think it is a industry, job or their profession.. it is a hobby.

5. If they have pictures with circles, squares or any other marking stay far away from them.

6. If a team has nothing but rewritten legends that have never been proven on their site or like the devil.

7. If they claim the orbs are trying to have sex with away, then stop and say "DaFUQ??", then promptly take up running again..

8. If paranormal gadgetry is posted and suggested it be used, again run and don’t look back.

9. If they continuously make posts about anti-bullying, (in a very bullying manner), pass them by. Any team that tells the followers of their pages how to 'behave' is one to avoid.

10. Posting any picture with “orbs”, they are not paranormal.. Dust, bugs, pollen, rain (moisture), dander and other material will show up in picture are orb looking images.. Run like hell..

11. Any team who has the color chart of orbs, well once again run like hell..

12. If you see that they use a Spirit Box or an Ovilus run for the hills.

13. Anytime time a phone application is mentioned say WTF, laugh and move on.

14. Anyone advertising a "sensitive"… Use your own intuition and back away.

15. Any team that claims to be using science to find answers and then proceeds to base everything on assumptions and beliefs--run for the hills.

16. If a team/group uses words such as, professional, specialist, expert, magnet or any other title back far away. Posers know nothing…..

17. If anyone has page set up for “personals” for ghosts… afraid be very afraid , run.

18. If you see they have children in any of their investigations, please ignore them. Turn in disgust and turn the page.

19. If they advertise that they have won 'paranormal awards', give them the Razzie and move on.


20. If the word “haters” is mentioned on their page, move along little doggie..

21. If the team's social media pages are filled with nothing but personal drama and backbiting--run and turn on General Hospital, the guys look better.

22. If they have the same copy/paste message for every greeting and for every time they post on another team's page, hit 'delete' and run.

23. If any member of a team claim to have started investigating or researching or fighting demons as a child run from that team as fast as you can and never look back.

24. Avoid teams that brag they have been investigating for 20. 25, 30, 35 years or more. They are trying to convince you they are special. Use scrutiny on any team you look at. Example a team posts they have 25 years combined experience but if you look at each member the math for 7 members comes to 12 years. Paranormal math?