Paranormal In Review

The Mage of Unity

Ah unity, such a wonder thought eh? Where everything a person says most of the time is not questioned, did I say most of the time, 99%of the time. If we take what people say as truth in a unity group and well hell we live in a world that should be called The Asylum not Earth. When you have people bringing in magic to the community where we are seeking the truth well hell you will never find it. Santeria (voodoo) and other such beliefs are good for those who believe it but just how are you going to find the truth with those beliefs?You’re not plain and simple because you are already in the mindset that all the bullshit is real.

This is an open letter of sorts to Jose Prado:

Mr. Prado

Really you made a threat to others? Well that is what it looks like. A binding spell, yes it has been made. For you to said, “I’ll hurt you instead on principle, and then charge you money” are you serious? You should be ashamed of yourself.

For anyone to make these claims is just plain old bullshit.Charging for these so called services is a scam. There is NO proof they can fulfill these services.

We are going to stick with the same person and his claims. I have always wondered how someone can make a claim but state it as fact when it comes to demons, ghost and other paranormal activity. Where is the proof?

Where is the proof to these claims.Do these people sit down and have coffee with the demons? I mean how else do they know so much about them.. Just ridiculousness.