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The Missing and Psychics

I am so unbelievably pissed this morning when it comes to psychics, what’s new right. Time and time again we are subjected to idiocy of the entertainment of psychics on TV and how they are so incredibly gifted.Really are you kidding me.

I ran across a psychic page that is for helping to find missing children so I began to look through it. I noticed one post that was made by the sister of a 20 year old girl who was missing in Dearborn,Michigan after being abducted from the store she was employed at. I remember that story because it had just been in the news. I also remember she had been found three days later dead, murder. What really pissed me off was the fact her sister was so desperate to her she asked the people who say they are gifted enough to “know all”, and no one had the decency to say anything, damn are they such posers they could not even say I am sorry I don’t know. These damn TV shows put such hope in people hearts thinking they can turn the people who make the claim that they are able to find the missing, in some cases charging these people for the so called information they say they are able to see.

Why is there a Doe Network for Unidentified & Missing Persons, you mean with all the psychics that are out there they have a network for missing people, say it ain’t so, really..

Can’t the see all and know all type of people have convention of some sort and help find these people or name the ones who died and have been buried without knowing who they are. Hell the Long Island medium can walk up to anyone, supposedly and know all sorts of things. My opinion is she is just a good cold reader with some good researchers, and oh yeah it is a TV SHOW.

NamUs Missing Persons is another site where if all these so called psychics truly have psychic abilities, well hell they should have afield day in helping people, hm that is what they want to do isn’t it? Wait or do they do this because they are in it for the entertainment to take your money?

I do not think Angela and I will ever stop calling these charlatans out.

Our condolences go out the Brenna’s family. Our hearts go out to all families who have children and adults missing.

Our condolences go out Brenna’s family and our hearts go out to all families who have children and adults missing.

The Doe Network

NamUs Missing Persons