Paranormal In Review

The Solider

I do not have much to say about this one… I will let the screen caps speak for themselves but Angela may have a few words to say..

I do actually have some critiques to add for this particular app. I first saw this one quite some time ago on the page of a paranormal team/internet radio show founder. The picture itself was obviously fake and was simply presented as being 'taken on a cell phone'. Although at the time I wasn't able to locate the exact image, I strongly suspected a phone app, as did Tkay. I sent him a message asking if he was claiming the photo to be paranormal in nature, and he responded that he was. Tkay proceeded to question the picture on another site that had an article hawking the radio show this guy hosts. And as often happens, our questions were virtually ignored. However--I saved the message and a few months later, someone else came across the picture and also questioned its authenticity.

This time it was not ignored because a friend was able to locate and post the exact image in the photo from his Android. Now there was absolutely no question and this guy's back was to the wall. His response was a complete flip flop from his response to me--he had received the picture and suspected fake. He posted it in hopes that others would see it and find the same conclusions. He said he had NEVER claimed the picture to be paranormal.

I wrote a blog on Beyond Bullshit facebook page that included a screen cap of my earlier correspondence, he stomped and hollered fora bit, and when all was said and done, at least more people were aware of the deception. Unfortunately, there were and still are supporters who believe that we were the bullies in all of that.



On the entertainment scale, this ranks lower than the dollar bin at Wal~Mart. Seriously?? Stick a fake-as-hell image that slaps the face of anyone who has actually lost a loved one in service to their country? That's what passes as entertainment these days?