Paranormal In Review

The Soul Seekers

More trespassers out of Temecula California...The Soul Seekers paranormal team, founded by Dante Reeder. Apparently, these guys participated in the GAC "Paranormal Challenge" (now there's credentials for ya!) and feel this gives them the license to go anywhere they want without asking permission.

A former TB hospital was the site of this particular 'investigation'. When someone asked Mr.Reeder if he obtained permission since it was known to be private property, it was discovered that they 'found a point of entry' and simply entered the building without getting clearance to do so.

This is another structure that is falling apart and dangerous to enter.  These 'ghosthunters' seem to think this makes them braver than most..willing to take risks with both the police and spirits.  All it does is make these people look like a bunch of juveniles that don't know squat about respect or following protocols.

When one does not respect the property of a building that has been there for nearly a hundred years or are we supposed to believe that they are going to respect a client's home.

Thank you Jonathan.