Paranormal In Review

In the last several months, there have been quite a few "ghost capture" or "ghost cam" applications for cell phones showing up on team's pages.

These are ghostly images that can be placed in any cell phone picture quite easily. It is all self-explanatory, including the adjustments for contours, opaqueness, etc. The intended use is for harmless fun and entertainment--however teams are very often accepting pictures containing these apps at face value. It needs to stop.

In all cases of course, the picture was claimed to have been given to the team. It was also noted that many were taking it at face value and some even verifying it as real. Very few actually questioned these 'great catches' until they were called out. When shown proof of their inability to spot a phone app, they became very defensive of the backlash that followed. Of course..the backlash probably wouldn't be as intense if these teams weren't presenting themselves as 'scientific investigators who aren't easily taken in'. And of course, there are also applications that allow you to put your own picture ALWAYS question a capture that looks 'too good' (or too bad) to be true.

This page is in hopes that people will utilize the information gathered and call out these bogus applications when they are seen. It will also be a place to bring attention to any teams that have apps posted on their pages as well as asking where a particular image might be found.

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