Paranormal In Review

Three Rivers Old Hospital Trespassers

05/30/2013 09:15

Despite what many paranormal team's websites say, it is apparent that trespassing is considered 'no big deal' to those who are either doing it themselves, or are praising others for getting into buildings. The more places that get contacted...the more often we find that they were never giving permission for anyone to be there. We don't do this to be 'tattletales'(as some brilliant flea brain claimed we are) or because we are 'jealous' at not getting into buildings ourselves. WE were actually under the mistaken impression that most teams respect property and get permission first. If that were the case..we would not be finding so many that are obviously breaking the rules. We are also actually concerned for the fate of these buildings.Trespassing and continued breaking in to places is only going to hasten their demise and ruin any chances of bringing the places to their former glory.

As you just read the email, the hospital is supposed to be boarded up to prevent trespassers. If you look at the picture posted by Kalamazoo Michigan Paranormal Investigations you can see the lower windows are boarded up. Now we are not accusing these teams of being the ones who created a point of entry at all, but these teams entered the building at one point.

We have asked if they had permission, if they did we would like to know who so we can inform the Three Rivers Downtown Development Authority on who gave them permission.

Why do people seem throw away caution on entering these buildings, is it the rush they get, or is it they are seeking fame by making their “videos”? Really, first of all even if you have permission you need to read up on what the dangers these buildings may contain. In the end get permission, sad to think that notoriety is worth breaking the law and taking risks with your health.

When we reviewed one of their sites and their evidence, we surely got a little chuckle out of it. When a team that brings in the word,“research” into their title, they really need to do exactly that, research.That would include researching to what caused your pictures to have the normal camera anomalies you get when you do not know what you are doing. To all teams,RESEARCH AND LEARN, it is not hard, really it’s not.

Michigan Trespass Law: