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Tkay's Rants

I am in no way a writer as you can tell by reading my rants but I do like to rant when things just piss me off..

Two Parts

I so wish there was a way for people to understand that there are two parts to the paranormal community and I wish those two parts would act accordingly, well one does. The first part are the people who truly are seeking to find the truth using logic and they have no desire to be known as the bad ass team in the community. They have the drive to learn and understand. They are in it to find the truth and also help those who feel they are being haunted. They give helpful information to help comfort those in need.

Now for the second half are in it for entertainment purposes. I guess you could call them the majority who pretend to be looking for the truth. They are of attention whores,you know who they are. They are also the ones who say they have fans, really..Geesh, just how many of those types do you see on a daily basis. I know the weekend warriors are plentiful also, going around bragging that they have been in the “paranormal scene” longer then the filming of Ghost Hunters, bitches please.

The second half also feel the need to take risks to become known, even involving children into their poser world of investigators. Shame on them taking children into buildings that are falling apart, now if the adults want to take the health risks knock yourself out, but to take a child into it well, your assholes and should be reported for neglect. Shame on anyone who involves children at any level,even pushing the title of psychic on them.

In that same group we have the money makers, they will push the bullshit no matter what, to make that almighty dollar off of their stories,not evidence mind you but stories created in their minds. Evidence created on film/TV, photos and books, most of us know who they are also. I have no problem with the entertainment part as long as others know that is what it is. The majority of people who follow those in the entertainment believe their bullshit stories are true, that is where I have a problem.

Now as for the conventions, I see the posters and I look at the pictures of those speaking and I always say, WHO THE FUCK ARE THESE PEOPLE?Of course some of the time I look them up and then I just shake my head in disbelief and wonder why more bullshit has to be thrown into an already effed up community. Then I remember, it is about making money. Do I think everyone in the entertainment part can’t be honest, no. I think, well I hope there are some who want the real truth also.

The demonologist oh holy hell, really! Matter of fact all the religious posers in this community are huge attention seeking whores and that’s my opinion. The constant talk about demons and exorcisms is so freaking ridiculous, but guess what, it sells. The Warrens figured that out long ago.  It is my belief that all these people need some sort of therapy. I think these people really enjoy scaring the shit out of people for no effing reason. Why is it that all the atheist I know have never run into a demon, so what’s up with that?  Really, any sane Christian I know has never seen a demon..  So what is the deal with the people in the paranormal community who talk demons all the time, hmmm need medications maybe?

In the end we all who look for the truth need to remind others there are posers in this community, search for the truth, think, and use your common sense.

 Who the Eff are these People


What is the goal of a paranormal investigator, hell I always thought it was finding the truth and proving it without a shadow of doubt. It however has become clear the art of ass kissing has been the goal of many and some have really accomplished that goal, some I will give a A+. I was doing some research this morning when I kept coming across these awards people give out in the community. Every site I went to, I said out loud “who the fuck are these people, and what the fuck did they do”? Did they find the truth and do they have that evidence we are all looking for, why are they getting an award? Some are calling “orbs” dead people, let’s get real people! Now these are not just on the crazy little forum awards that have who had the best post, which had the best ghost story, which has the best site, NO some of these are being advertised in local papers and even being held in public facilities. Really how much do these people love themselves?

These people who run this shit really are not in it to find the truth, they thrive on the attention and I bet they love all that ass kissing they get, because people seem to love to play “HOORAY PARAWOOD”. The awards actually mean jack shit in the community but having these awards well it puts the person running the crap on the “Golden Throne” so

people will adore them. Really they see themselves as the stars and they themselves are award winner, which would be, “The Biggest Bullshitter” because they know the field of bullshittery well .. Oh hell got that off my mind for the day, back to researching more bullshit.

The Circus and the Sideshows of the Paranormal Community

by Tkay Anderson (Notes)

I spent, oh I would say 10 hours altogether looking through pages of photos and the comments people make on the paranormal TV shows pages. What did I see; well people sure want their 15 minutes of fame that’s for sure. I was totally amazed of some on the names I seen posting things on these TV shows pages, well maybe not amazed but it was those ah-ha moments no doubt. People I thought were attention seekers, well yep, seeing them; well it just confirmed my opinion of them.  Advertising their shows, their teams, their pages and in one case their body.  I have called this community Parawood lately and I am so right in my opinion, and I really do not think I am the only one with that opinion either.

The one post that made a stir was of a girl dressed in what I would called either “showgirl” costume or as some suggested a “strippers” pre-undressed look type of clothing. Now I will not say she was unattractive, she was cute and yes the way she looked, yes, I would say some men who seek that type of look would stick up for her and of course they will accuse or insinuate people are jealous. I have no problem with anyone wanting to look like a “showgirl” or “stripper” if that is what she wants to do in her line of work. Really more power to her, what the hell do I care, but bringing this into the paranormal community where people already make the community look like a bunch of nincompoops, whack jobs, or just paratards well it just makes it look more like a circus, with many sideshows.

 A circus full of whacked psychics, mediums, fortune tellers, whatever you want to call them that post pictures saying the picture shows she is being smothered! What, really? The picture well it was just a slow shutter, but wait, if she was a psychics/medium should she not have been able to “read” the picture correctly? The sideshows continue with people who want to try to fool the general public with fraudulent pictures and of course they seek the attention. I found 26 different cell phone application fakes. Really what are these jerks trying to prove?

Podcast,good grief, just how many of these damn shows are there.. Do most of them think people are really listening? I mean really, but then again we are talking about people who seek the attention. I know of one show people listen to just laugh at the stupidity that is being said. Ok what the hell is with these guys that do radio shows that try to act like someone that posed for play girl, come guys really, you look like dorks.You guys are not rock stars so what is up with all the posing. I know of a few stations that do fine but come on with the pea pod cast, stop spamming the pages.

Is everyone penning a book? Spamming books really, self-help books, you name it is being posted on the pages also. Not sure if the TV shows want your book.  Angela and I agree that sharing any information that we research should be out there for others to understand it and learn from it. That is why we created the sites and continue to add to them as we go along. Hell we learn things all the time it is a never ending story. No one is a professional ghost hunter in my opinion. There are many people out there that are willing to help out with what you need without spending money for a help book when hell who knows if they know what they are talking about. Do research on things you don’t understand. Photography is a great place for everyone to start. There are people in this community who has been in it for years and because they do not research they put out some bullshit pictures let me tell you, pathetic, but they have a book, amazing.

People wonder why I do what I do and they complain or just make fun at what I do, funny I could care less what they think or say. Angela and I put information on our sites because we have done our research, and we care about the people who investigators should care about; the people who ask for help, and they should try to reassure them things are ok. We grow tired of the bullshit people put out there to scare people, not help. The talk of demons and creatures is not what one is supposed to do when helping people and in my opinion the people who do that need the help, get over yourselves, you’re not mages, wizards, sages whatever you want to call yourself. This is the part of the sideshow that is called “Unity”. It is there go read it.

Yesterdays Junk (Paranormal)

 by Tkay Anderson (Notes)

I have seen a post that said, “You can’t reach for anything new if your lands are full of yesterday’s junk”.  That is what I feel we are fighting for in the paranormal community every day and that is to get rid of ”yesterday’s junk”.  Trying to show others what some have claimed over the years to be paranormal just isn’t.  We have some believing they have a right to teach others, when all they are teaching them is “yesterday’s junk”.  Since the new age of the digital camera people have run amok with the claiming of paranormal activity in their pictures. No one takes the time to learn their camera and the camera settings, how long has the digital been in use, long enough for people to know, but yet we still see “yesterday’s junk” over and over again. We have some who create “yesterday’s junk” to impress those who really don’t know any better.

“Yesterday’s junk” comes into play each day in this field. You have some who name people who deserve awards, yet the ones giving the awards show “yesterday’s junk”, so how can they say who the best in this field? We have people giving themselves titles in this field, why and how do they deserve a title of who is the best, who is certified, who is a pro, who is a ghost magnet, who is the king or queen of the paranormal community and the list goes on. This is all a game to these people, how can they possible be interested in finding the truth when all they seek is to be known.

Let’s throw out “yesterday’s junk”, no more hoarding all the junk, throw it away. Listen to those who have done the research. You may turn your back on those who no longer investigate, but you would be surprised on what they know and what they can tell you. Listen it takes common sense to do research, to understand it and to accept it. It does not take much to snap pictures, record evps, and record events, but it does take a great deal to do research in the field and to analyze your evidence. You better have the ones who have already thrown out “yesterday’s junk” analyze your evidence, or be aware that you may be called out for bullshit. I appreciate the teams who do field research these are the ones who are looking to make a difference in how to investigate and what to look for. I have a great deal of respect for those who are trying to make a change.

Thanks to Andi for posting a picture with this quote, “You can’t reach for anything new if your lands are full of yesterday’s junk”.

So you say you have a PHD and you are a ”Demonologist"

by Tkay Anderson (Notes)

It is funny how people have two different lives on facebook, some not totally different but to a certain degree of a double life. One page no real talk on demons and on a second profile page the talk of demons even carrying a PhD from an on-line diploma mill… The PHD means nothing and if I had my way people should be charged with fraud by using these fraudulent titles. As I did some research on these people who call themselves “demonologist “ I am finding my things that are just wrong, and not all of it has to do with the paranormal. Mental disabilities have not one thing to do with the paranormal. These people or children who have a disability should be on meds and not to be said they have a gift of second sight. People who do this are exploiting their children and they need to stop for Christ sake. Are you people more concerned about the paranormal or your children?

If you talk about ghosts and demons in your house don’t you think your kids hear it, don’t be stupid, yes they do. I find that it seems everyone has to outdo the next person with a bigger claim.  Damn people stop your bullshit. Stop getting your little ones involved it what your hobby is. What I have read lately your kids need to be taken away. Now I am not talking about older kids, I am talking about preschoolers and even to the age of 13 should not be exposed to talk about ghosts/demons being in houses, stop with the bullshit. You people who have done this over and over again and then makes claims you child has seen a ghost/demon. You make me sick making these kids fear the darkness when they go to bed. Here is a comment I seen on a post in a group, “Too many people have been watching the shows. Not elemental it was a demon I took out my holy water squirt gun and nailed him. He started smoking and then flipped me off. That evil Bastard.” Are you effing kidding me?  How many damn books based on myth, folklore and just plain shit have these people read. Why is it most people never ever have had a run in with a effing demon, hell  no one has proved a god damn thing . Stop with the bullshit of scaring people. Stop making you look like someone you not. A damn stupid course on line does not make you a demonologist; it makes you look like a fool to normal people.

Part of one comment was that the church has turned away demonic cases. So why do you think that is? But some assholes who think they are a demonologist because they have a piece of paper saying they are a demonologist can fix the problem, what the hell is wrong with people. If you got a certificate from a god damn bullshit on-line piece of paper that says you a demonologist it is my opinion you’re a fraud, plain and simple.  There is no “true calling” to be demonologist, I would say a very deep seeded fantasy personality exists.

Demonology is not a legitimate scientific study but is based strictly on religious belief, and knowledge of. There are no accredited courses to become a demonologist, nor do I believe any certification. If one wants to become a religious Demonologist the truly proper way would be to go to bible college or a seminary, because a true Demonologist is a religious position. I would believe that most of the people that claim they are Demonologist never went to bible college or a seminary to really get the correct understanding. For all these on-line sites that may offer a certificate to become a Demonologist is ludicrous, I even seen where you can print off a certificate where you can simply sign your name to it. Which I call fraud.

I would think that if one does not go through a proper bible college or seminary they should not assume the title of a Demonologist at all. Just because one has the knowledge of wiping a baby’s ass correctly does not make them a “assologist”.

I am not into demons, I do not believe in them, but if you think you are in need of one, please check their credentials of anyone calling themselves a Demonologist. Find out where they attended bible school or the name of the seminary. There are many people out there who have assumed the name, and now charge hundreds of dollars for their services.I would suggest you talk to someone in the church you attend or if you do not attend one find a church in your local area who may be able to assist you .

Please do not be fooled by those who advertise on FaceBook or websites.

                                                  DID THEY INTERVIEW A GHOST?

                                                                      by Tkay Anderson (Notes)

Ok,I have questions that really I have never been able to find the answers to. These questions pertain mostly to the equipment and the ideas of investigating the paranormal. Since I have seen an apparition I do believe they are real.  But…..

I have a serious problem when it comes to some people who create the bullshit apparatuses  that many use in their investigations, what the hell did they test them on to say they detect ghosts? If you are one of these people may I have the ghosts name and address? Oh and if he has a phone please have him call me ;)!!

I am serious, who said ghosts carry energy? What test was performed to come to this conclusion? Who was their subject? Casper? If a ghost carries energy, why don’t we see it? When someone says something touched them, why would they not feel a shock if indeed it was a ghost and ghost are energy or carries energy?

Cold spots, really… Who said a cold spot indicates there is a ghost? And once again, what ghost did they have help figure this out?  But energy should be warm right, then why would they be cold. hmmm

Franks box…. Really people, I mean, is not the box just audio pareidolia? A word here and there caused by radio waves…..

“Humans are pattern recognition machines and it is no surprise that in hours and hours of white noise people can find what they hear as voices - indeed, human pattern recognition here is very strong, consider that people can still be understood through strongly differing accents and dialects, and in foreign languages people can still pick out what they perceive to be their own words. The EVP recordings are never anything more complex than one sentence or two very short sentences, and are often just single words. Usually in order to "hear" it, you must first be told what it says. This gets into the power of suggestion.”

 Ahhh,the power of suggestion who would have thought, eh? Sometimes I really think some people lose all rationality when it comes to the suggestions that some equipment REALLY WORKS..

The Ovilus, holy bullshit really!!!!  This piece of equipment, sorry, TOY is just ridiculous. I will not apologize for my opinion of this toy.  It has at least ten disclaimers one is that it should be used for entertainment only, should that not give you a clue.

Let’s look at what is said at Wikipedia, a great source of information here by the way:

“The Ovilus, or Puck, is an electronic speech-synthesis device which utters words depending on electromagnetic waves in the air, by using an EMF Meter.” HUH, really? Can this really work? Who did he test it on? Whether or not he tested it I am sure he has made money on it… One of my least favorite shows, with the 3 boys I call the Stooges did use this on their show and many others thought it they used it, it must be good, yeah right whatever.

Negative reviews

“Due to the random nature of the replies, many paranormal research groups have stopped using the Ovilus because too much is left to chance. It is posited that a person could pull random words out of a hat and get the same response as what comes out of the Ovilus. Many liken it to an electronic 8 Ball or Ouija Board.”

Positive reviews

“Despite the label that says, "For Entertainment Purpose Only", the device is still used today in paranormal research. Groups claim that it has replied with very accurate words relating directly to the case they were investigating.”  LOL Really… Power of Suggestion at work?

What is going to prove for all to know there are ghosts, I am not sure. With all the idiots out there faking pictures, not understanding what a camera anomaly is, I have not figured it out yet. If people would stop trying to be popular and really try to get down to the nitty gritty we might find an answer. All I see in this field anymore is a lot of ass kissing, for what who knows, many of the people that carry “titles” in their names, really that’s high school bullshit it just cracks me up. The paranormal field is not Hollywood people come on; stop the bullshit and get real when you investigate.  People outside of the paranormal community laugh at the ridiculousness that some have brought into this field. Listen I am not in this to be popular, for me exposing and saying what one feels in no way will make anyone popular but for me I love it.I am in it to find the truth, what are you in it for?  If you have pictures people post on your wall that are bullshit, tell them. Use those picture for examples of what is not paranormal.  Damn if you are going to network make a difference.

In my opinion KIIs should be used for base readings to see if there could be a chance high EMFs that could be affecting people, don’t use them to answer your questions.  Flashlights should be used to see, not ask questions, there is no proof that a ghost is turning them on and off, really!?!  Vibrations, faulty connections, may be even a draft of air so slight you may not feel it may be just all it is…..

I feel the basics are great.